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IWAㄜWater Science and Technologyㄗ1994‵ㄘ

Water Science and Technology
Volume 29 Number 10-11
Parameters affecting nitrifying biofilm reactors
M. Boller, W. Gujer and M. Tschui
Biological aerated filters: assessment of the process based on 12 sewage treatment plants
J. P. Canler and J. M. Perret
The treatment trilogy of floating filters: from pilot to prototype to plant
H. Toettrup, F. Rogalla, A. Vidal and P. Harremoes
Biofilters: flexible, reliable biological reactors
R. Pujol, M. Hamon, X. Kandel and H. Lemmel
First months operation of two biofilter prototypes in the waste water plant of acheres
B. Vedry, C. Paffoni, M. Gousailles and C. Bernard
High rate nitrifying trickling filters
B. Andersson, H. Aspegren, D. S. Parker and M. P. Lutz
Tertiary nitrification in aerated pilot biofilters
M. Tschui, M. Boller, W. Gujer, J. Eugster, C. Mäder and C. Stengel
Tertiary nitrification in pilot-plant plug-flow fixed-film reactors with long-term ammonium deficiency
M. Fruhen, K. Böcker, S. Eidens, D. Haaf, M. Liebeskind and F. Schmidt
Dynamics of a nitrifying bacteria population in a biofilm controlled by an oxygen microelectrode
H. Horn
Phosphorus requirements for tertiary nitrification in a biofilm
B. Nordeidet, B. Rusten and H. Ødegaard
Oxygen reduces denitrification in biofilm reactors
C. Hagedorn-Olsen, I. H. Møller, H. Tøttrup and P. Harremoës
Denitrification in biofilms with biologically hydrolysed sludge as carbon source
A. Æsøy and H. Ødegaard
Carbon utilization in denitrifying biofilters
J. la Cour Jansen, S.-E. Jepsen and K. Dahlgren Laursen
Biofilm reactors configuration for advanced nutrient removal
G. Ryhiner, K. Sørensen, B. Birou and H. Gros
Operating experiences with submerged filters for nitrification and denitrification
B. J. Meaney and J. E. T. Strickland
Combined nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a full-scale continuous up-flow sand filter
B. Hultman, K. Jönsson and E. Plaza
Biological phosphorus uptake in submerged biofilters with nitrogen removal
R. F. Gonçalves, L. Le Grand and F. Rogalla
Pre- or post-denitrification at biological filter works? A case study
A. Dee, N. James, I. Jones, J. Strickland, J. Upton and P. Cooper
A new moving bed biofilm reactor - applications and results
H. Ødegaard, B. Rusten and T. Westrum
Upgrading and nitrification by submerged bio-film reactors - experiences from a large scale plant
T. H. Lessel
Three years of full-scale captorR process operation at Moundsville WWTP
P. S. Golla, M. P. Reddy, M. K. Simms and T. J. Laken
The optimum medium of the suspended bio-medium aeration contactor process
C. F. Ouyang and C. M. Liaw
Practical experience with combined carbon oxidation and nitrification in plastic media trickling filters
G. T. Daigger, T. A. Heinemann, G. Land and R. S. Watson
Assessment of aerated biofiltration at industrial scale
B. Kleiber, G. Roudon, B. Bigot and J. Sibony
Critical process design issues in the selection of the TF/SC process for a large secondary treatment plant
D. Parker, S. Krugel and H. McConnell
Paper mill effluent treatment using biofiltration
J. M. Rovel, J. P. Trudel, P. Lavall谷e and I. Schroeter
Hydrodynamics and kinetics in biofilm systems - recent advances and new problems
Z. Lewandowski, P. Stoodley, S. Altobelli and E. Fukushima
Predicting bed dynamics in three-phase, fluidized-bed biofilm reactors
H. T. Chang and B. E. Rittmann
Modelling the spatial distribution and dynamics of a xylene-degrading microbial population in a membrane-bound biofilm
O. Wanner, O. Debus and P. Reichert
Influence of fluid velocities on the degradation of volatile aromatic compounds in membrane bound biofilms
O. Debus, H. Baumgärtl and I. Sekoulov
Competition in biofilms
T. C. Zhang, Y. C. Fu and P. L. Bishop
Fractal properties of the RBC biofilm structure
W. M. Zahid and J. J. Ganczarczyk
Adhesion strength of biofilm developed in an attached-growth reactor
A. Ohashi and H. Harada
Development of an automatic control system for monitoring an anaerobic fluidized-bed
F. Ehlinger, Y. Escoffier, J. P. Couderc, J. P. Leyris and R. Moletta
Start-up of anaerobic fixed film reactors: technical aspects
U. Austermann-Haun, C. F. Seyfried, G. Zellner and H. Diekmann
Activated carbon based biological fluidized beds for contaminated water and wastewater treatment: a state-of-the-art review
P. M. Sutton and P. N. Mishra
Advances in biofilm aerobic reactors ensuring effective biofilm activity control
V. Lazarova and J. Manem
A fluidized-bed reactor: the biolift process
R. Badot, T. Coulom, N. de Longeaux, M. Badard and J. Sibony
Behaviour of an anaerobic/aerobic pilot scale fluidized bed for the simultaneous removal of carbon and nitrogen
F. Fdez-Polanco, F. J. Real and P. A. Garcia
Determination of optimal biofilm activity in a biological fludized bed (BFB) reactor
B. Ruggeri, G. Caire, V. Specchia, G. Sassi, F. Bosco and A. Gianetto
Scale-up and biomass hold-up characteristics of biological fluidized bed reactors
I. Ozturk, M. Turan and A. H. Idris
Population dynamics of methanogenic biofilm consortium during a start-up period of anaerobic fluidized bed reactor
N. Araki and H. Harada
Kinetic study and mathematical modeling of biofilm in an anaerobic fluidized bed
T. Imai, T. Kusuda and H. Furumai
Dynamics of population and biofilm structure in the biofilm airlift suspension reactor for carbon and nitrogen removal
L. Tijhuis, E. Rekswinkel, M. C. M. van Loosdrecht and J. J. Heijnen
Kinetic behavior of heterotrophic and autotrophic biofilms in wastewater treatment processes
M. Moreau, Y. Liu, B. Capdeville, J. M. Audic and L. Calvez
Kinetics of toluene degradation in a biofilm system under denitrifying conditions
J. P. Arcangeli and E. Arvin
Validation of a multisubstrate mathematical model for the simulation of the denitrification process in fluidized bed biofilm reactors
B. Eramo, R. Gavasci, A. Misiti and P. Viotti
Nitrogen removal characteristics of nitrification and denitrification filters
F. Çeçen and I. E. Gönenç
Chemical process wastewater treatment by attached cultures under anoxic conditions
B. Delanghe, J. Roussy, E. Guibal and P. Le Cloirec
Interactions between the biofilm growth and the hydrodynamics in an aerobic trickling filter
B. Lekhlif, D. Toye, P. Marchot and M. Crine
Nitrogen removal from wastewaters by a bio-reactor with partially and fully submerged rotating biofilms
Y. Watanabe, D. Y. Bang, K. Itoh and K. Matsui
Evaluation of multiple-species biofilm and floc processes using a simplified aggregate model
H. Furumai and B. E. Rittmann
Biofilms growing on gas permeable membranes
C. Rothemund, A. Camper and P. A. Wilderer
Determination of effective oxygen diffusivity in biofilms grown in a completely mixed biodrum reactor
Y.-C. Fu, T. C. Zhang and P. L. Bishop
The calculation of simultaneous effective diffusion coefficients of the substrates in a fluidized bed biofilm reactor
H. Beyenal and A. Tanyolaç
Determination of oxygen transfer rate to a rotating biological contactor by microelectrode measurement
K. Nishidome, T. Kusuda, Y. Watanabe, M. Yamauchi and M. Mihara
Modelling of experiments with colloidal organic matter in biofilm reactors
T. A. Larsen and P. Harremoës
Applying entrapped mixed microbial cell techniques for biological wastewater treatment
P. Y. Yang, T. Ma, T. S. See and N. Nitisoravut
Results and experience with the NEBIO tube reactor process in the water treatment plant coswig near Dresden
E. Boehler, L. Haldenwang and G. Schwabe
Fluidized bed reactor operation for groundwater denitrification
M. Green, M. Shnitzer, S. Tarre, B. Bogdan, G. Shelef and C. J. Sorden
Numerical modeling of a biofilm-electrode reactor used for enhanced denitrification
J. R. V. Flora, M. T. Suidan, S. Islam, P. Biswas and Y. Sakakibara
Aerobic biodegradation of azo dyes in biofilms
H. Jiang and P. L. Bishop
Comparative study evaluating removal mechanisms of hydrocarbons by fixed film versus suspended growth reactors
N. Galil
Application of biofilm theory to the prediction of sulfide production from bioslimes
G. A. Holder

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 39 Number 1
Use of microautoradiography and fluorescent in situ hybridization for characterization of microbial activity in activated sludge
P. H. Nielsen, K. Andreasen, N. Lee and M. Wagner
Interfacing phylogenetic oligonucleotide probe hybridizations with representations of microbial populations and specific growth rates in mathematical models of activated sludge processes
Daniel B. Oerther, Francis L. de los Reyes and Lutgarde Raskin
Microbiological characterisation of pure cultures and its relevance to modelling and control of bulking phenomena
M. C. Tomei, C. Levantesi, S. Rossetti and V. Tandoi
Characterization of the denitrifying fraction of phosphate accumulating organisms in biological phosphate removal
Jens Meinhold, Carlos D. M. Filipe, Glen T. Daigger and Steven Isaacs
Population dynamics by methanol addition in denitrifying wastewater treatment plants
Irene Purtschert and Willi Gujer
Molecular and modeling analyses of the structure and function of nitrifying activated sludge
Bruce E. Rittmann, Chrysi S. Laspidou, Jodi Flax, David A. Stahl, Vincent Urbain, Herv谷 Harduin, Jaap J. van der Waarde, Bert Geurkink, Maurice J. C. Henssen, Harry Brouwer, Abraham Klapwijk and Maarten Wetterauw
Aerobic storage under dynamic conditions in activated sludge processes. The state of the art
M. Majone, K. Dircks and J. J. Beun
Microbial competition for the organic substrates and its impact on EBPR systems under conditions of changing carbon feed
A. Carucci, M. K邦hni, R. Brun, G. Carucci, G. Koch, M. Majone and H. Siegrist
Experimental basis for the hydrolysis of slowly biodegradable substrate in different wastewaters
Derin Orhon, Emine Ubay Çokgör and Seval Sözen
Modeling hydrolysis processes considering intracellular storage
Rajeev Goel, Takashi Mino, Hiroyasu Satoh and Tomonori Matsuo
Maintenance, endogeneous respiration, lysis, decay and predation
Mark C. M. Van Loosdrecht and Mogens Henze
Degradation of particulate organic matter - a comparison of different model concepts
O. Nowak, K. Svardal, A. Franz and V. Kuhn
Reduction of biomass decay rate under anoxic and anaerobic conditions
H. Siegrist, I. Brunner, G. Koch, Linh Con Phan and Van Chieu Le
Use of carbon dioxide evolution rate for determining heterotrophic yield and characterising denitrifying biomass
M. Sp谷randio, V. Urbain, J.M. Audic and E. Paul
Modelling of phosphorus precipitation in wastewater treatment plants with enhanced biological phosphorus removal
M. Maurer and M. Boller
Activated Sludge Model No.2d, ASM2D
Mogens Henze, Willi Gujer, Takahashi Mino, Tomonori Matsuo, Mark C. Wentzel, Gerrit v. R. Marais and Mark C. M. Van Loosdrecht
Activated Sludge Model No. 3
Willi Gujer, Mogens Henze, Takahashi Mino and Mark van Loosdrecht
Estimating (combinations of) activated sludge model no. 1 parameters and components by respirometry
Peter A. Vanrolleghem, Henri Spanjers, Britta Petersen, Philippe Ginestet and Imre Takacs
Temperature effects in bio-P removal
D. Baetens, P.A. Vanrolleghem, M. C. M. van Loosdrecht and L. H. Hosten
Approaches to modeling nutrient dynamics: ASM2, simplified model and neural nets
Hong Zhao, Oliver J. Hao and Thomas J. McAvoy
Model development for simultaneous nitrification and denitrification
Klangduen Pochana, J邦rg Keller and Paul Lant
Full scale experience with biological process models - calibration issues
Henryk Melcer

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 5
Quo vadis water quality management in central and eastern Europe?
L. Somlyody
Some thoughts on the implementation of water quality management strategies for Central and Eastern Europe
Janusz Kindler
An analysis of wastewater treatment strategies for Eastern and Central Europe
Mogens Henze and Hallvard Ødegaard
Upgrading municipal wastewater treatment by operational means, using chemical unit processes
Hermann H. Hahn
Present state of municipal wastewater treatment in Slovakia
J. N芍mer and L. Hy芍nek
A water-quality history of the Blackstone River, Massachusetts, USA: implications for Central and Eastern European Rivers
Peter Shanahan
Development of least-cost water quality control policies for the Nitra River basin in Slovakia
L. Somly車dy, M. Kularathna and I. Masliev
The Hungarian water and wastewater industry: past, present and future
Brooks W. Newbry
Use of chemical upgrading (CU) in Hungary and Slovakia
Susan E. Murcott and Donald R. F. Harleman
Development of a surface water quality assessment system in Hungary
P芍l Varga and S芍ndor Kisgyörgy
Bureaucracy and effectiveness in water pollution control
Paul R. Holmes
An East-West perspective on riverine loads of nutrients in the Vistula and Rhine basins
A. Tonderski, A. Grimvall, K. Sundblad and P. Stålnacke
A survey of organic contaminants in drinking water, mineral water and natural water in Eastern and Central European countries
E. Kosty芍l, E. Saski and M. Salkinoja-Salonen
The environmental programme for the Danube River Basin
D. W. Rodda
The effect of Budapest on the water quality of the Danube
P芍l Benedek, Atilla Dar芍zs, Veronika Major and K芍roly Oszk車
Approaches for sediment associated pollutant monitoring in the River Danube
Peter Literathy, Ferenc Laszlo and Bela Csanyi
Water quality improvements in the Trent catchment (UK): a view of their relationship to management and legislative changes
J. R. Martin
Nitrogen and phosphorus in the Vistula River, Poland -- changes from source to mouth
Karin Sundblad, Andrzej Tonderski and Jacek Rulewski
Proposals for the integrated management of the shared transboundary water resources of the Jordan River Basin
Hillel Shuval
Pollution prevention: a winning strategy for the protection of the environment
K. P. Lindstrom and Adriana Renescu
Source reduction and recycling for pollution prevention in chemical plants
M. A. Ansari
The pollution prevention partnership: a Colorado voluntary private/public environmental initiative
Paul Ferraro
Achieving pollution prevention goals for transboundary waters through international joint commission processes
A. M. Duda
Multimedia waste auditing in Hungary: a waste minimization feasibility study for a metal plating facility
A. R. Halloran, T. E. Higgins and G. Mik谷ta
Pollution prevention and waste minimization at a galvanizing and electroplating facility
M. F. Dahab, D. L. Montag and J. M. Parr
An industrial pretreatment facility inspector training program
Kenneth D. Kerri
Institutional and legislative structure of water quality management in Turkey
Selmin Burak, I. Ethem Gönenç and Arzu Erol
New aspects of urban drainage and pollution reduction towards sustainability
Janusz Niemczynowicz

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 6
Nitrification as a source of soluble organic substrate in biological treatment
Bruce E. Rittmann, John M. Regan and David A. Stahl
Nitrification inhibition - a method for the estimation of actual maximum autotrophic growth rates in activated sludge systems
O. Nowak, P. Schweighofer and K. Svardal
Assessment of nitrification-denitrification potential of istanbul domestic wastewaters
Derin Orhon, Seval Sözen and Emine Ubayo
High rate and compact single sludge pre-denitrification process for retrofit
Hiroyshi Emori, Hiroki Nakamura, Tatsuo Sumino, Tadashi Takeshima, Katsuzo Motegi and Kazuhiro Tanaka
Nitrogen elimination from sludge treatment reject water - comparison of the steam-stripping and denitrification processes
Burkhard Teichgräber and Andreas Stein
Primary fermentation of soluble and particulate organic matter for wastewater treatment
Ricardo Françi GonÇalves, Anne Catherine Charlier and François Sammut
Nitrogen removal efficiency and capacity in biofilms with biologically hydrolysed sludge as a carbon source
A. Æsøy and H. Ødegaard
The effects of external carbon loading on nitrogen removal in sequencing batch reactors
N. F. Y. Tam, G. L. W. Leung and Y. S. Wong
A comparison between ethanol and methanol as carbon sources for denitrification
Magnus Christensson, Ewa Lie and Thomas Welander
Influence of dissolved oxygen and oxidation-reduction potential on the denitrification rate of activated sludge
Ewa Lie and Thomas Welander
Nitrogen removal in activated sludge systems including denitrification in secondary clarifiers
H. Siegrist and W. Gujer
Synthesis of denitrification enzymes in activated sludge: modelling with structured biomass
D. Wild, R. von Schulthess and W. Gujer
Nitric and nitrous oxides from denitrifying activated sludge at low oxygen concentration
R. von Schulthess, D. Wild and W. Gujer
Production of nitrous oxide gas during nitrification of wastewater
H. Zheng, K. Hanaki and T. Matsuo
Study on nitrified liquor recycling process operations using polyurethane foam sponge cubes as a biomass support medium
H. Deguchi and M. Kashiwaya
Denitrification and neutralization with an electrochemical and biological reactor
Y. Sakakibara, K. Araki, T. Tanaka, T. Watanabe and M. Kuroda
Drinking water denitrification in a membrane bioreactor
B. Delanghe, F. Nakamura, H. Myoga, Y. Magara and E. Guibal
Acetylene inhibition for measuring denitrification rates in activated sludge
Sara Hallin and Mikael Pell
A test method to determine inhibition of nitrification by industrial wastewaters
B. Böhm
Upgrading of existing trickling filter plants for denitrification
G. F. Mehlhart
Denitrification in trickling filters
Bernd Dorias and Peter Baumann
Genetic approach to enhanced biological phosphorus removal
Hisao Ohtake, Katsufumi Yamada, Hardoyo, Ayako Muramatsu, Yuki Anbe, Junichi Kato and Hisashi Shinjo
Effect of the anaerobic solids retention time on enhanced biological phosphorus removal
Yoshitaka Matsuo
Deterioration of enhanced biological phosphorus removal by the domination of microorganisms without polyphosphate accumulation
H. Satoh, T. Mino and T. Matsuo
The effect of fermentation products on enhanced biological phosphorus removal, polyphosphate storage, and microbial population dynamics
A. A. Randall, L. D. Benefield and W. E. Hill
Induction method of excess phosphate accumulation for phosphate removing bacteria isolated from anaerobic/aerobic activated sludge
Y. Ubukata and S. Takii
Some physiological characteristics of a phosphate removing bacterium isolated from anaerobic/aerobic activated sludge
Y. Ubukata
Dynamics of phosphorus and organic substrates in anaerobic and aerobic phases of a sequencing batch reactor
A. Carucci, M. Majone, R. Ramadori and S. Rossetti
Selecting soil amendment materials for removal of phosphorus
K. C. Cheung, T. H. Venkitachalam and W. D. Scott
Study on phosphorus removal using a new coagulation system
Weimin Xie, Masao Kondo and Yuzuru Naito
Effect of nitrate on phosphorus release in biological phosphorus removal systems
T. Kuba, A. Wachtmeister, M. C. M. van Loosdrecht and J. J. Heijnen
Interactions between biological and physico-chemical mechanisms in biological phosphate elimination
P. Ch. Witt, F. Grabowski and H. H. Hahn
Phosphate release of sludges from enhanced biological p-removal during digestion
Norbert Jardin and H. Johannes Pöpel
Circulation of phosphorus in a system with biological p-removal and sludge digestion
U. Nyberg, H. Aspegren, B. Andersson, P. Elberg Jorgensen and J. la Cour Jansen
Biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal in an anaerobic/anoxic sequencing batch reactor with separated biofilm nitrification
G. Bortone, F. Malaspina, L. Stante and A. Tilche
Efficient biological nutrient removal in high strength wastewater using combined anaerobic-sequencing batch reactor treatment
K. Subramaniam, P. F. Greenfield, K. M. Ho, M. R. Johns and J. Keller
Influence of the addition of precipitants on the biological phosphorus elimination in a pilot plant
I. Röske and Chr. Schönborn
Prediction of the performance of enhanced biological phosphorus removal plants
M. Maurer and W. Gujer
Modelling of the carrousel plant
J芍n Derco, Milan Kr芍lik, Miroslav Hutnan, Igor Bod赤k and Rastislav Cern芍k
Performance and model calibration of R-D-N processes in pilot plant
A. de la Sota, L. Larrea, L. Novak, P. Grau and M. Henze
Nutrient removal using cyanobacteria (phormidium bohneri): experimental results with a batch reactor
Paul Lessard, Daniel Proulx and Joël de la No邦e
Wastewater inorganic N and P removal by immobilized chlorella vulgaris
N. F. Y. Tam, P. S. Lau and Y. S. Wong

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 29 Number 12
Development of a land limited wastewater treatment plant for small and rural communities in the tropics
P. Y. Yang, H. Chen and T. Ma

Advanced wastewater treatment plants in lagoons combined with biological contactors
P. Schleypen

An improved small sewage treatment plant for biological purification of wastewater
G. Voigtländer and E.-P. Kulle

Upgrading to nutrient removal by means of internal carbon from sludge hydrolysis
Pia Prohaska Brinch, Kim Rindel and Kathryn Kalb

Biological nutrient removal applied to weak sewage
J. Charlton

Upgrading of wastewater treatment plants to achieve advanced standards concerning nutrient removal
S. Bu, J. Einfeldt, H. G邦nter and T. Werner

Upgrading of a wastewater treatment plant utilizing existing trickling filters and a new filter stage
M. Fruhen, W. K邦hn and M. Dohmann

Comparison of single-stage and two-stage activated sludge processes for the expansion of the Innsbruck WWTP
H. K. Winkler and W. Widmann

Conventional and unconventional integration of trickling filters in a process for biological nutrient removal
N. Dichtl, N. Engelhardt, W. Firk and J. Koppetsch

Upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant of the city of Oldenburg
Rolf Kayser

Upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants by computer simulation: game or reality?
R. J. van der Kuij, A. G. N. van Bentem and F. Th. van Breukelen

Process optimisation for simultaneous biological nitrification and chemical phosphorus removal
P. J. Bliss, E. R. Ostarcevic and A. A. Potter

A seven year plan for upgrading the 200.000 p.e. treatment plant of Uppsala, Sweden
Jan Erik Lind and Ernst Olof Swedling

Upgrading of waste-water treatment plants for the biological nitrogen elimination by the injection of on-line prepared mixed cultures
Margarete Glancer, Sinia Ban, Vice Soljan and Imre Pascik

A novel high rate method for the nitrification of sludge liquors containing high levels of ammonia
S. R. Pickin and F. J. Saunders

Stirring and aeration system for the upgrading of small waste water treatment plants
Marcus Höfken, Katharina Zähringer and Franz Bischof

Treatment of organic wastewater by anaerobic biological fluidized bed reactor
Szu-Kung Tseng and Min-Ray Lin

Upgrading of activated sludge systems for nitrogen removal by application of the LINPORR-CN process
M. R. Morper

Increase of efficiency of an activated sludge plant in paper manufacturing industry by application of a fluidized bed system
Emil Schneeberg

Upgrading to nitrogen removal with the kmt moving bed biofilm process
Bjørn Rusten, Jon G. Siljudalen and Bjørnar Nordeidet

Upgrading of rotating biological contactor (RBC) systems to achieve higher effluent quality, including biological nutrient enrichment and reduction techniques
Kenneth E. Neu

High rate aerated biofilters for plant upgrading
F. Rogalla, A. Lamouche, W. Specht and B. Kleiber

Upgrading of the Munich waste water treatment plants for denitrification in effluent filters
J. Eichinger

Improvement of sludge sedimentation by installation of upward flow clarifiers
Uffe Thorndahl

Micro-straining as advanced treatment of wastewater applied to the main wastewater treatment plant in Wiesbaden
Arno Grau, Michael Haeusler and Wälti Schmitt

Upgrading a low-cost physicochemical wastewater treatment plant to solve operational problems
Huw D. Taylor, Martin P. Gambrill, D. Duncan Mara and Salamão A. Silva

UV-disinfection of treated wastewater: possible effects on surface waters
T. Gschlöl

Coagulation and flocculation of stormwater from a separate sewer system - a new possibility for enhanced treatment
Bernd Heinzmann

Use of lime for the upgrading of existing wastewater treatment systems
C. G邦ldner, W. Hegemann, N. Peschen and K. Sölter

Upgrading of a two-stage treatment plant for nitrogen elimination
O. Burica, R. Vodopivec and M. Straar

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 7
Roles of solid components on the sorption of trichloroethylene (TCE) onto natural solids from the vapor phase
Yoshihisa Shimizu, Noboru Takei and Yutaka Terashima
Kinetic model for the biotransformation of tetrachloroethylene in groundwater
K. Ninomiya, M. Sakai, E. Ohba and N. Kashiwagi
Effects of residual configuration on the rate of trichloroethylene (TCE) dissolution
M. Talha Gön邦ll邦 and Grahame J. Farquhar
The influence of a surfactant on the rate of phenanthrene mass transfer into water
Stefan J. Grimberg, Michael D. Aitken and William T. Stringfellow
Continuous high-rate removal of chromate in a fluidised bed without sludge generation
Henrik Aktor
Biodegradtion of all three isomers of monochlorophenol in a fixed bed reactor to very low concentrations
Andreas Schöllhorn, Gerhard Stucki and Kurt Hanselmann
A rule-based fuzzy-set approach to risk analysis of nitrate-contaminated groundwater
M. F. Dahab, Y. W. Lee and Istvan Bogardi
Oxidation of sulfur-containing S-triazines during groundwater hypochlorination
A. Lopez, G. Mascolo, G. Tiravanti, M. Santori and R. Passino
Mass transfer and biodegradation of PAH compounds from coal tar
A. Ramaswami, S. Ghoshal and R. G. Luthy
Biological treatment of airstreams contaminated with organic vapors
Lin Ye, Nirmala N. Khandan and Findlay G. Edwards
Biotransformation of cis-1,2-dichloroethylene to ethylene and ethane under anaerobic conditions
T. Komatsu, K. Momonoi, T. Matsuo and K. Hanaki
Effect of chlorinated alkenes on the reductive dechlorination and methane production processes
Ping Zhuang and Spyros G. Pavlostathis
Field evaluation of perox-pureTM chemical oxidation technology
Kirankumar Topudurti, Michael Keefe, Patrick Wooliever and Norma Lewis
Enhancement of PCB congener biodegradation by pre-oxidation with Fenton's reagent
Sheng Yao Yang
Influence of water evaporation on soil vapor extraction (SVE)
F. Garc赤a-Herruzo, C. G車mez-Lahoz, J. J. Rodr赤guez-Jim谷nez, D. J. Wilson, R. A. Garc赤a-Delgado and J. M. Rodr赤guez-Maroto
Degradation of pesticides by chlorination during water purification
Yasumoto Magara, Takako Aizawa, Naohisa Matumoto and Fumikazu Souna
Oxidative pathways in the degradation of triazine herbicides: a mechanistic approach
Ezio Bolzacchini, Anna Brambilla, Marco Orlandi, Stefano Polesello and Bruno Rindone
Runoff pattern of pesticides from paddy fields in the catchment area of Rikimaru reservoir, Japan
O. Nagafuchi, T. Inoue and S. Ebise
Effects of hydraulic and medium characteristics on solute transfer to surface runoff
J. L. Lai, S. L. Lo and C. F. Lin
Central processing of pig manure in the Netherlands
W. H. Rulkens and P. J. W. ten Have
The effect of livestock on the concentration of nitrogen in stream water
Motoko Shimura and Toshio Tabuchi
Microorganic pollution control of polish rivers and the baltic sea declaration
Aleksandra Zelechowska
A modification of the HBV model for assessing phosphorus transport from a drainage area
Ämer Bilaletdin, Kari Kallio, Tom Frisk, Bertel Vehviläinen, Markus Huttunen and Jaana Roos

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:10:11

Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 8
pH-controlled feed-on-demand for high-rate anaerobic systems
William A. Pretorius
Methanogenic granule development in full scale internal circulation reactors
J. H. F. Pereboom and T. L. F. M. Vereijken
Influence of the digested cod concentration on the alkalinity requirement in anaerobic digesters
Adrianus C. van Haandel
The influence of pH on the performance of a two-stage anaerobic treatment system: model prediction and validation
M. Romli, J. Keller, P. L. Lee and P. F. Greenfield
Effects of sulfate concentration and sludge retention time on the interaction between methane production and sulfate reduction for butyrate
O. Mizuno, Y. Y. Li and T. Noike
Performance and granule characteristics of UASB process treating wastewater with hydrolyzed proteins
H. H. P. Fang
Anaerobic digestion of OFMSW (organic fraction of municipal solid waste) and BNR (biological nutrient removal) processes: a possible integration - preliminary results
F. Cecchi, P. Battistoni, P. Pavan, G. Fava and J. Mata-Alvarez
Global sludge management: a status report and perspective
L. Spinosa, E. S. Kempa, N. Okuno and P. A. Vesilind
Sludge characterization and standardization methods: development, status, trends
Reimar Leschber
Microbial aggregates in wastewater treatment
Jerzy J. Ganczarczyk
Decreased sludge production strategy for domestic wastewater treatment
Angel Canales, Alain Pareilleux, Jean Luc Rols, G谷rard Goma and Alain Huyard
Calibration of a compressive gravity thickening model from a single batch settling curve
Kenneth F. Cacossa and David A. Vaccari
Effect of centrifugation on the removal of extracellular polymers and physical properties of activated sludge
F. Dilek Sanin and P. Aarne Vesilind
Mechanisms of floc formation in sludge conditioning with polymers
Stefan J. Langer, Rudolf Klute and Hermann H. Hahn
Advanced sludge thermal processes in Japan
M. Hiraoka
Planning the best strategy for sludge treatment and disposal operations
Robert D. Davis
Electroosmotically enhanced sludge dewatering: pilot-plant study
Maryla Smollen and Achmad Kafaar
Combined action of electro-osmotic drainage and mechanical compression on sludge dewatering
S. Gazbar, J.M. Abadie and F. Colin
Mechanical freezing of alum sludge
C. James Martel
Operation results of the sewage sludge melting system and estimation of scale-up method for the reflector type melting furnace
M. Hiraoka, T. Hukui, A. Kimura, K. Shimizu and H. Takiguchi
The behavior of ash components in the sludge melting process
Tunekazu Fukui, Tadahiro Murakami and Muneharu Ichikawa
Use of constructed wetlands in water pollution control: historical development, present status, and future perspectives
Hans Brix
Phosphorus uptake in Florida marshes
Robert H. Kadlec
A four-year mass balance for a natural wetland system receiving domestic wastewater
M. Hosomi, A. Murakami and R. Sudo
Elimination of microcystis cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) by an ozoflotation process: a pilot plant study
F. Benoufella, A. Laplanche, V. Boisdon and M. M. Bourbigot
Algal flocculation-sedimentation by pH increase in a continuous reactor
H. Yahi, S. Elmaleh and J. Coma
Ecoclimatic influence on waste stabilization ponds (WSP) efficiencies. Case study of the sesimbra system
Benilde S. Mendes, M. Jenny do Nascimento, M. Irene Pereira, Gerard Bailey, Nuno Lapa, João Morais and J. Santos Oliveira
Sediment accumulation in a series of four pilot-scale stabilization ponds
A. Ghrabi and M. Ferchichi
Response of mixed cultures of chlorella vulgaris and heterotrophic bacteria to variation of pH
A. W. Mayo and T. Noike
Effect of microalgae growing on wastewater batch culture on escherichia coli and vibrio cholerae survival
N. Mezrioui, B. Oudra, K. Oufdou, L. Hassani, M. Loudiki and J. Darley
Is it realistic to use water hyacinth for wastewater treatment and nutrient removal in Central Europe?
Z. 芍kov芍, M. Pal芍t, E. Kockov芍 and J. Toufar

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:10:35

Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 9
Engineering aspects of supercritical water oxidation
E. F. Gloyna, L. Li and R. N. McBrayer
An innovative approach to reduce excess sludge production in the activated sludge process
H. Yasui and M. Shibata
Membrane bioreactor treatment of oily wastes from a metal transformation mill
Ronald Zaloum, Serge Lessard, Diana Mourato and Julie Carri豕re
Photocatalytic oxidation of dichlorvos in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and ferrous ion
Ming-Chun Lu
Photolysis of aromatic chemical compounds in aqueous TiO2 suspensions
K. Nishida and S. Ohgaki
Effects of pH on photocatalysis of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in aqueous TiO2 suspensions
Shuzo Tanaka and Uttam Kumar Saha
Biodegradation of phenol and monochlorophenols by yeast Rhodotorula glutinis
Keiko Katayama-Hirayama, Shusaku Tobita and Kimiaki Hirayama
The effect of cosubstrates on phenol degradation kinetics
Benjamin S. Magbanua, Pamela A. Hoover, Patrick J. Campbell and Alan R. Bowers
Dephenolization from aqueous solution by treatment with peroxidase and a coagulant
K. Tatsumi, H. Ichikawa and S. Wada
Effects of immobilized cells on the biodegradation of chlorinated phenols
C. M. Lee
Active oxygen species generated during chlorination and ozonation
Hideo Utsumi, Masafumi Hakoda, Satoko Shimbara, Hiroaki Nagaoka, Youn-son Chung and Akira Hamada
Nitrate and chloride formation in chloramination
V. Diyamandoglu
Reutilization of ammonia from wastewater using cation exchange resins
M. Buday
Acetoclastic methanogenic toxicity produced by aliphatic organochloride solvents
J. L. Sanz, N. Rodr赤guez and R. Amils
The microbial growth of Mycobacterium aurum L1 on vinyl chloride with respect to inhibitory and limiting influence of substrate and oxygen
I. Hauschild, A. Schröer, M. Siedersleben and J. Starnick
Nitrate removal from water supplies using biodenitrification and GAC-sand filter systems
M. F. Dahab and S. Sirigina
Effects of water characteristics on granular sludge formation in a USB reactor for denitrification of drinking water
S. Tarre, R. Armon, G. Shelef and M. Green
Filtration of submicron particles: effect of ionic strength and organic substances
H. Prasanthi, S. Vigneswaran, T. D. Waite and R. Ben Aim
Effects of clay on the fouling by organic substances in potable water treatment by ultrafiltration
C. H. Kim, M. Hosomi, A. Murakami and M. Okada
The effect of different oxidation and filtration processes on the molecular size distribution of humic material
T. Kainulainen, T. Tuhkanen, T. Vartiainen, H. Heinonen-Tanski and P. Kalliokoski
Evaluating an iron-coated sand for removing copper from water
C. H. Lai
Uranium and vanadium sorption by chitosan and derivatives
E. Guibal, I. Saucedo, M. Jansson-Charrier, B. Delanghe and P. Le Cloirec
Adsorption of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions on activated carbon
R. Leyva Ramos, A. Juarez Martinez and R. M. Guerrero Coronado
Effect of pore size distribution of ultrafiltration membranes on virus rejection in crossflow conditions
Taro Urase, Kazuo Yamamoto and Shinichiro Ohgaki
Particle destabilization for tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater by filtration
M. Ghosh, A. Amirtharajah and A. Adin
Deep-bed filtration of SBR effluent for agricultural reuse: pilot plant screening of advanced secondary and tertiary treatment for domestic wastewater
Asher Brenner, Semen Shandalov, Gideon Oron and Menahem Rebhun
The dan region sewerage wastewater treatment and reclamation scheme
G. Shelef, Y. Azov, A. Kanarek, G. Zac and A. Shaw
Residual contamination of crops irrigated with effluent of different qualities: a field study
R. Armon, C. G. Dosoretz, Y. Azov and G. Shelef
Cattle keeping, fertilization and water quality - a pilot study
Pascal Maret
Treatment and reuse of water for prawn cultivation
Kee Kean Chin and Say Leong Ong

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:11:02

Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 10
Surface water quality monitoring, classification, biological assessment and standards
Peter J. Newman, Stephen C. Nixon and Yvonne J. Rees
Developments in water quality standards and classification schemes in England and Wales
J. Seager
The development of a new water quality classification system for Finland
P. Heinonen and S. Herve
National and regional surface water quality assessment in the Republic of South Africa
H. R. van Vliet, S. J. Swart and D. J. Roux
Assessment of the ecological value of rivers in flanders (Belgium)
C. Wils, A. Schneiders, L. Bervoets, A. Nagels, L. Weiss and R. F. Verheyen
Basic approaches in design of water quality monitoring networks
N. B. Harmancioglu and N. Alpaslan
Water quality index -- application for rivers in Vistula river basin in Poland
J. Dojlido, J. Raniszewski and J. Woyciechowska
A simplified procedure for setting effluent quality standards
Ernesto Espino de la O, Gualberto Lim車n M. and Ignacio Castillo Escalante
Analysis of sampling frequency in groundwater quality monitoring systems: a case study
Andrea Szucs and Gyözö Jordan
Evaluation of a biomonitor based on the phototactic behaviour of Daphnia magna using infrared detection and digital image processing
François van Hoof, Hilde Sluyts, Jozef Paulussen, Daniël Berckmans and Heidi Bloemen
Analyzing and modeling toxicity of mixtures of organic chemicals to microorganisms
N. Nirmalakhandan, B. Sun, V. J. Arulgnanendran, M. Mohsin, X. H. Wang, J. Prakash and N. Hall
Microtox evaluation of industrial wastewaters
Cheng-Fang Lin
The toxicity evaluation of wastewater from the chemical industry
T. Tiler and J. Zagorc-Koncan
Biological assaying of organic compounds in surface waters
L. Guzzella and M. Mingazzini
Effect of species composition on stability and reproductivity of a small-scale microcosm system
N. Tanaka, Y. Inamori, K. Murakami, T. Akamatsu and Y. Kurihara
Nonextractive immunoassay analysis of contaminated sediments
D. J. Mossman, C. J. Baker, T. L. Feldbush and S. A. Lappin
Interactions of sediment contaminants in the testing of mutagenicity
Akemi Abe and Kohei Urano
Detection of heavy metal toxicity and genotoxicity in wastewaters by microbial assay
J. C. Codina, A. P谷rez-Garc赤a and A. de Vicente
Chlorination byproducts of 4,4-methylene dianiline(MDA) and their mutagenicity
Y. Tsuchiya
The ecological state of the Elefsis Bay prior to the operation of the athens sea outfall
A. J. Theodorou
Distribution of heavy metals in seawater, sediment and biota of Jinhae Bay, Korea
Lee Chan-Won and Kwon Young-Tack
Humus transformation at the bank filtration water plant
I. T. Miettinen, P. J. Martikainen and T. Vartiainen
Fate of tricresyl phosphate isomers in Kurose River (Japan)
Cho Kyung Jin, Kazuto Takimoto and Mitsumasa Okada
Binding of natural humic matter to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in rivers of the Southeastern United States
James J. Alberts, Cheryl Griffin, Katherine Gwynne and Gordon J. Leversee
Correlations of water quality, sediments and benthic invertebrates in Ell-Ren River, Taiwan
Yu Kuang-Chung
Methyl mercury in the dutch rhine delta
Hendrik Pieters and Victor Geuke
Barcelona's water supply improvement: the brine collector of the Llobregat river
Jordi Mart赤n-Alonso
Evaluation of biodegradation kinetics of organic wastewater in a laboratory river model
J. Zagorc-Koncan and M. Dular
Relationship between water qualities and treatments in the ultra pure water production system
S. Okouchi, K. Yamanaka, Y. Ishihara, T. Yanaka and H. Uedaira
Sediment resuspension and light conditions in some shallow Dutch lakes
G. Blom, E. H. S. van Duin and L. Lijklema
An analysis on parameters of suspended sediment models for a shallow lake
L. Koncsos and L. Somlyody
Effect of flow velocity on phosphate release from sediment
Yoshiyuki Nakamura
Eutrophication in stratified deep reservoirs
Vera Strakrabov芍, Josef Hejzlar, Lidmila Proch芍zkov芍 and Vojtech Vyhn芍lek
Causes and effects of "nitrate saturation" in phosphate-deficient water bodies
Dietrich Uhlmann and Lothar Paul
Vltava cascade as teaching grounds for reservoir limnology
M. Strakraba
Water management of two shallow urban eutrophic lakes
Susana Romo and Eloy B谷cares

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:13:38

Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 11
Nitrogen and biological phosphorus removal in submerged biofilters
R. F. Gonçalves, F. N. Nogueira, L. Le Grand and F. Rogalla
Performance of fixed film media integrated in activated sludge reactors to enhance nitrogen removal
Dipankar Sen, Pramod Mitta and Clifford W. Randall
Study on the performance of an up-flow aerated biofilter (UAB) in municipal wastewater treatments
Yoshimasa Watanabe, Satoshi Okabe, Tomochika Arata and Yuji Haruta
Characterization of detachment mode of biofilm developed in an attached-growth reactor
Akiyoshi Ohashi and Hideki Harada
Experimental determination of the dissolved oxygen boundary layer and mass transfer resistance near the fluid-biofilm interface
Tian C. Zhang and Paul L. Bishop
Metals removal by algal biofilms
Sarah K. Liehr, Hui-Jung Chen and Shun-Hung Lin
Denitrification with isopropanol as a carbon source in a biofilm system
Yongwoo Hwang, Hiroshi Sakuma and Toshihiro Tanaka
The enhancement of nitrification by indirect aeration and kinetic control in a submerged biofilm reactor
Sheng-Kun Chen
Biological wastewater treatment by three-phase fluidization - characteristics and basic design method
Akira Hirata and Motoharu Noguchi
Characteristics of an air-fluidized-bed biofilm reactor system with a multi-media filter
Toshiaki Tsubone, Seiichi Kanamori, Tatsuo Takechi and Masahiro Takahashi
Effect of turbulent structure on filament-type biofilm reaction
Hiroshi Nagaoka and Katsuyuki Sugio
Temperature effect on nitrifying bacteria activity in biofilters: activation and free ammonia inhibition
F. Fdz-Polanco, S. Villaverde and P. A. Garc赤a
Organic carbon supplement influencing performance of biological nitritification in a fluidized bed reactor
Sheng-Shung Cheng
Submerged upflow biotower operation and computer simulation
Ronald D. Neufeld, Christopher A. Badali, Dennis Powers and Christopher Carson
Interpretation of bacterial activities in nitrification filters by a biofilm model considering the kinetics of soluble microbial products
H. Furumai and B. E. Rittmann
Activated sludge population dynamics
Jiri Wanner
Estimation of maximum specific growth rate of heterotrophic and autotrophic biomass: a combined technique of mathematical modelling and batch cultivations
Libor Nov芍k, Luis Larrea and Jiri Wanner
Influences of wastewater composition and operating conditions on activated sludge bulking and scum formation
J邦rg Kappeler and Willi Gujer
Evaluation of the rate of hydrolysis of slowly biodegradable COD (SBCOD) using starch as substrate under anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic conditions
Delfin C. San Pedro, Takashi Mino and Tomonori Matsuo
Ecological interactions among denitrification, poly-P accumulation, sulfate reduction, and filamentous sulfur bacteria in activated sludge
Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Saburo Matsui and Tomoaki Komori
Hydrophobicity of activated sludge flocs and laboratory-grown bacteria
F. Jorand, P. Guicherd, V. Urbain, J. Manem and J. C. Block
Acinetobacter cell biomass, growth stage and phosphorus uptake from activated sludge mixed liquor
T. E. Cloete and M. Bosch
An experimental study to suppress scum formation accompanying the abnormal growth of Nocardia by adding ozone in the aeration tank
M. Goi
The influence of cadmium on activated sludge activity
L. Zarnovsky, J. Derco, R. Kuffa and M. Drtil
Spatial arrangement of the components of activated sludge flocs
F. Zartarian, C. Mustin, J. Y. Bottero, G. Villemin, F. Thomas, L. Aill豕res, M. Champenois, P. Grulois and J. Manem
A survey of filamentous foaming in activated sludge plants in Hong Kong
H. Chua
Quantification of the kinetic differences between communities isolated from completely mixed activated sludge systems operated with or without a selector using a novel respirometric method
Barth F. Smets, Timothy G. Ellis, Stephanie Brau, Richard W. Sanders and C. P. Leslie Grady
Comparative studies on differently arranged activated sludge systems
A. Jobb芍gy, C. P. L. Grady, G. Mors芍nyi, L. Nyeste and J. Simon

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:14:14

Water Science and Technology
Volume 30 Number 12
On-line monitoring of anaerobic digestion: application of a device for continuous measurement of bicarbonate alkalinity
Freda R. Hawkes, Alan J. Guwy, Dennis L. Hawkes and Alberto G. Rozzi
On-line automatic control system for monitoring an anaerobic fluidized-bed reactor: response to organic overload
Ren谷 Moletta, Yves Escoffier, Fr谷d谷ric Ehlinger, Jean-Pierre Coudert and Jean-Pierre Leyris
Real-time expert system control of anaerobic digestion
D. P. Chynoweth, S. A. Svoronos, G. Lyberatos, J. L. Harman, P. Pullammanappallil, J. M. Owens and M. J. Peck
Tentative guidelines for waste selection, process design, operation and control of upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactors
M. C. Wentzel, R. E. Moosbrugger, P. A. L. N. S. Sam-Soon, G. A. Ekama and G. v. R. Marais
Organic and ammonium nitrogen and oxygen in relation to granular sludge growth in lab-scale UASB reactors
J. Thaveesri, K. Gernaey, B. Kaonga, G. Boucneau and W. Verstraete
Acidogenic microbial species diversity in anaerobic digesters treating different substrates
T. J. Britz, G. Spangenberg and C. A. Venter
Dynamic modelling of the population distribution in the anaerobic granular biofilm
Yves Arcand, Claude Chavarie and Serge R. Guiot
Behavior of suspended solids and anaerobic bacteria in an anaerobic fixed bed reactor
T. Miyahara and T. Noike
Microbial structure and activity of UASB granules treating different wastewaters
H. H. P. Fang
The individual and combined influence of temperature, time, pH and COD concentration on the biodegradation activities of selected bacterial strains grown on raw Baker's yeast effluent
M. Van Der Merwe and T.J. Britz
Modelling struvite precipitation in anaerobic treatment systems
R. E. Loewenthal, U. R. C. Kornm邦ller and E. P. van Heerden
Design and operation of landfills for optimum stabilization and biogas production
F. G. Pohland and B. Al-Yousfi
Modelling of a plug-flow pilot reactor producing VFA by anaerobic fermentation of municipal solid wastes
C. Sans, J. Mata-Alvarez, F. Cecchi and P. Pavan
Centralized biogas plants combine agricultural and environmental benefits with energy production
S辰ren Tafdrup
Exploitation of landfill gas: a UK perspective
Keith A. Brown and David H. Maunder
Use of multi-stage continuous culture systems to investigate the effects of temperature on the methanogenic fermentation of cellulose-degradation intermediates
I. A. Watson-Craik, A. G. James and E. Senior
Digestion of municipal sludge by anaerobic sequencing batch reactor
Duk Chang, Joon Moo Hur and Tai Hak Chung
Safeguards against pathogens in danish biogas plants
H. J. Bendixen
Field experience with different systems for biomass accumulation in anaerobic reactor technology
D. Defour, D. Derycke, J. Liessens and P. Pipyn
Experience on anaerobic treatment of distillery effluent with the UASB process
W. J. B. M. Driessen, M. H. Tielbaard and T. L. F. M. Vereijken
Application of the UASB technology for sewage treatment in a small community at sumare, sao Paulo state
S. M. M. Vieira, J. L. Carvalho, F. P. O. Barijan and C. M. Rech
Size distribution model for methanogenic granules from full scale UASB and IC reactors
J. H. F. Pereboom
The influence of chemical structure on the anaerobic catabolism of refractory compounds: a case study of instant coffee wastes
N. G. Azhar and D. C. Stuckey
The reaction characteristics of wastewater containing nitrophenol, treated using an anaerobic biological fluidized bed
Szu-Kung Tseng
Status on science and application of thermophilic anaerobic digestion
B. K. Ahring
High rate thermophilic anaerobic wastewater treatment in compartmentalized upflow reactors
J. B. van Lier, F. Boersma, M. M. W. H. Debets and G. Lettinga
Anaerobic digestion of high-sulphate-content wastewater from the industrial production of citric acid
E. Colleran, S. Finnegan and R. B. O'Keeffe
Pilot-scale biological sulphate and nitrate removal utilizing producer gas as energy source
L. A. du Preez and J. P. Maree
Performance of methane fermentation pits in advanced integrated wastewater pond systems
William J. Oswald, F. Bailey Green and Tryg J. Lundquist
Combined organic carbon and complete nitrogen removal using anaerobic and aerobic upflow filters
Joseph Akunna, Claude Bizeau, Ren谷 Moletta, Nicolas Bernet and Alain H谷duit
Application of anaerobic-uf membrane reactor for treatment of a wastewater containing high strength particulate organics
Hideki Harada, Kiyoshi Momonoi, Shinichi Yamazaki and Satoshi Takizawa
Ultrafiltration membrane separation for anaerobic wastewater treatment
Ahmadun Fakhru'l-Razi
Improving the performance of anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment works: the coupled cross-flow microfiltration/digester process
V. L. Pillay, B. Townsend and C. A. Buckley
Granule production from raw waste activated sludge
Adalberto Noyola and Gloria Moreno
Optimization modelling of anaerobic biofilm reactors
Makram T. Suidan, Joseph R. V. Flora, Pratim Biswas and Gregory D. Sayles
The effect of disc submergence level on the performance of a laboratory-scale anaerobic rotating biological contactor: implications for digester design and modelling
D. W.-S. Tseng
Three-phase anaerobic digestion of organic wastes
Hans K邦bler and Cosima Schertler
Treatment of wool scouring effluent by anaerobic bioflocculation
Wipa Lapsirikul, Ralf Cord-Ruwisch and Goen Ho
Anaerobic digestion of liquefied cow manure pretreated by catalytic liquefaction
G. Jungersen and B. K. Ahring
Anaerobic purification of brewery wastewater in biofilm reactors with and without a methanation cascade
E. A. Stadlbauer, L. N. Oey, B. Weber, K. Jansen, R. Weidle, H. Löhr, W. Ohme and G. Döll
Combination of anaerobic digestion and denitrification in a hybrid upflow anaerobic filter integrated in a nutrient removal treatment plant
A. Tilche, G. Bortone, G. Forner, M. Indulti, L. Stante and O. Tesini
Experiences gained in the operation of anaerobic treatment plants in Germany
U. Austermann-Haun and C.F. Seyfried
Anaerobic filter and DSFF reactors in anaerobic treatment of tuna processing wastewater
M. C. Veiga, R. M谷ndez and J. M. Lema
Pilot-scale anaerobic treatment of cheese whey by the substrate shuttle process
Alberto Cohen, J邦rgen H Thiele and J. Gregory Zeikus

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:14:56

Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 1
Biotransformation of aromatic hydrocarbons in subsurface biofilms
W. Zhang, E. Bouwer, L. Wilson and N. Durant
Degradation of BTEX and their aerobic metabolites by indigenous microorganisms under nitrate reducing conditions
P. J. J. Alvarez and T. M. Vogel
Accelerating the rate of cometabolic degradations requiring an intracellular electron source-model and biofilm application
W. Bae and B. E. Rittmann
Response of a periodically operated halophilic biofilm reactor to changes in salt concentration
C. R. Woolard and R. L. Irvine
Elimination of p-chlorophenol in biofilm reactors - a comparative study of continuous flow and sequenced batch operation
Hans-Peter Kaballo, Yuangang Zhao and Peter A. Wilderer
Multiple interactions in riverine biofilms - surfactant adsorption, bacterial attachment and biodegradation
Graham F. White
Modeling biofilm biodegradation requiring cosubstrates: the quinoline example
Michael J. Malmstead, Fred J. Brockman, Albert J. Valocchi and Bruce E. Rittmann
Biodegradation of naphthalene in montmorillonite/polyacryamide suspensions
S. Magdaliniuk, J. C. Block, C. Leyval, J. Y. Bottero, G. Villemin and M. Babut
Modeling of volatile organic contaminants in trickling filter systems
Henryk Melcer, Wayne J. Parker and Bruce E. Rittmann
Recombinant plasmid retention and expression in bacterial biofilm cultures
James D. Bryers and Huang Ching-Tsan
Biodegradation rates of aromatic contaminants in biofilm reactors
Jean-Pierre Arcangeli and Erik Arvin
Transport and reaction of aromatics, O2 and CO2 within a membrane bound biofilm in competition with suspended biomass
Oliver Debus
Effects of biofilm structure, microbial distributions and mass transport on biodegradation processes
Paul L. Bishop, C. Zhang Tian and Fu Yun-Chang
Experimental and conceptual studies on mass transport in biofilms
Z. Lewandowski, P. Stoodley and S. Altobelli
Population distribution in aerobic biofilms on small suspended particles
M. C. M. van Loosdrecht, L. Tijhuis, A. M. S. Wijdieks and J. J. Heijnen
Technology of membrane biofilm reactors operated under periodically changing process conditions
Peter A. Wilderer
Anoxic and oxic biological fluidized bed treatment of amines and phenol
Van T. Nguyen and Wen K. Shieh
Simultaneous removal of organic materials and nitrogen by micro-aerobic biofilms
Y. Watanabe, S. Okabe, K. Hirata and S. Masuda
Activated carbon membrane biofilm reactor for the degradation of volatile organic pollutants
F. R. Kolb and P. A. Wilderer
Cometabolism in biofilm reactors
Gerald E. Speitel and Robert L. Segar
Fluidized-bed biofilms for chlorophenol mineralization
Jaakko A. Puhakka, Esa S. Melin, Kimmo T. Järvinen, Päivi M. Koro, Jukka A. Rintala, Päivi Hartikainen, Wen K. Shieh and John F. Ferguson
Development and application of bacterial cultures for the removal of chlorinated aliphatics
Dick B. Janssen and Wim de Koning
Degradation of chlorinated aromatic compounds in UASB reactors
Nina Christiansen, Hanne V. Hendriksen, Kimmo T. Järvinen and Birgitte K. Ahring
Use of ribosomal RNA-based molecular probes for characterization of complex microbial communities in anaerobic biofilms
Lutgarde Raskin, Rudolf I. Amann, Lars K. Poulsen, Bruce E. Rittmann and David A. Stahl
The use of microsensors to determine population distributions in UASB aggregates
Piet Lens, Dirk de Beer, Carel Cronenberg, Simon Ottengraf and Willy Verstraete

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:15:22

Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 2
The Activated Sludge Model No. 2: biological phosphorus removal
W. Gujer, M. Henze, T. Mino, T. Matsuo, M. C. Wentzel and G. v. R. Marais
Wastewater and biomass characterization for the Activated Sludge Model No. 2: biological phosphorus removal
M. Henze, W. Gujer, T. Mino, T. Matsuo, M. C. Wentzel and G. v. R. Marais
Modelling glycogen storage and denitrification capability of microorganisms in enhanced biological phosphate removal processes
Takashi Mino, Wen-Tso Liu, Futoshi Kurisu and Tomonori Matsuo
Dynamics of the anaerobic utilization of organic substrates in an anaerobic/aerobic sequencing batch reactor
A. Carucci, K. Lindrea, M. Majone and R. Ramadori
Structured modelling of denitrification intermediates
D. Wild, R. von Schulthess and W. Gujer
Examination of the Activated Sludge Model No. 2 with an alternating process
S. Isaacs, J. A. Hansen, K. Schmidt and M. Henze
Mathematical model for soluble carbonaceous substrate biosorption
Libor Nov芍k, Luis Larrea and Jiri Wanner
A metabolic model for the biological phosphorus removal process
G. J. F. Smolders, M. C. M. van Loosdrecht and J. J. Heijnen
Estimation of the rate of slowly biodegradable COD (SBCOD) hydrolysis under anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic conditions by experiments using starch as model substrate
Takashi Mino, Delfin C. San Pedro and Tomonori Matsuo
Respirometry as a tool for rapid characterization of wastewater and activated sludge
Henri Spanjers and Peter Vanrolleghem
The dynamic behaviour of nitrifying Activated sludge systems influenced by inhibiting wastewater compounds
O. Nowak, K. Svardal and P. Schweighofer
Statistical identification of monod-kinetic parameters from on-line measurements
Jacob Carstensen, Poul Harremoës and Henrik Madsen
The use of aquasim for estimating parameters of activated sludge models
Peter Reichert, Reto von Schulthess and Daniel Wild
Optimal design of in-sensor-experiments for on-line modelling of nitrogen removal processes
P. Vanrolleghem and F. Coen
Observability of reduced order models - application to a model for control of alpha process
E. Ayesa, G. Oyarbide, L. Larrea and J. L. Garc赤a-Heras
Improvement of a recirculating plant by introducing star control
Marinus K. Nielsen and Tine B. Önnerth
Success and shortcomings of clarifier modelling
Peter Krebs
Selection of one-dimensional sedimentation: models for on-line use
Koen Grijspeerdt, Peter Vanrolleghem and Willy Verstraete
Denitrification in secondary clarifiers
H. Siegrist, P. Krebs, R. B邦hler, I. Purtschert, C. Röck and R. Rufer
A one-dimensional model for a secondary settling tank including density current and short-circuiting
Ren谷 Dupont and Claus Dahl
Low F/M bulking and scumming: towards a better understanding by modelling
J邦rg Kappeler and Ren谷 Brodmann
Modelling of the micromorphology of the activated sludge floc: low do, low F/M bulking
Imre Tak芍cs and Ernö Fleit
Evaluation and design of full-scale wastewater treatment plants using biological process models
Glen T. Daigger and Daniel Nolasco
The implementation of biokinetics and conservation principles in ASIM
Willi Gujer and Tove A. Larsen

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 3-4
Principles and applications of dissolved air flotation
James K. Edzwald
Behaviour of air injection nozzles in dissolved air flotation
E. M. Rykaart and J. Haarhoff
A kinetic model for dissolved air flotation in water and wastewater treatment
K. Fukushi, N. Tambo and Y. Matsui
The use of selective and direct DAF for removal of particulate contaminants in drinking water treatment
James P. Malley
Optimization of coagulation processes prior to DAF
R. Klute, S. Langer and R. Pfeifer
Pretreatment considerations for dissolved air flotation: water type, coagulants and flocculation
Donald Q. Bunker, James K. Edzwald, Jan Dahlquist and Lars Gillberg
Optimization of flocculation/flotation in chemical wastewater treatment
Hallvard Ødegaard
Pilot plant testing of dissolved air flotation for treating Boston's low-turbidity surface water supply
B. A. Johnson, B. Gong, W. Bellamy and T. Tran
Consideration of DAF retrofit to a large conventional water treatment plant
B. C. Vallance, R. G. Pritchard, E. E. Hargesheimer and R. T. Seidner
DAF treatment of a reservoir water supply: comparison with in-line direct filtration and control of organic matter
P. D. Schmidt, J. E. Tobiason, J. K. Edzwald and H. Dunn
Comparison of dissolved air flotation and direct filtration
C. Ferguson, G. S. Logsdon and D. Curley
Cryptosporidium removal during water treatment using dissolved air flotation
T. Hall, J. Pressdee, R. Gregory and K. Murray
Evaluation of dissolved air flotation process for water clarification and sludge thickening
Harish Arora, James R. DeWolfe, Ramon G. Lee and Thomas P. Grubb
Dissolved air flotation in potable water treatment: the Dutch experience
Jan van Puffelen, Paul J. Buijs, Peter N. A. M. Nuhn and Wim A. M. Hijnen
Dissolved air flotation in Southern Africa
G. Offringa
Counter-current dissolved air flotation/filtration
Andrew Eades and W. J. Brignall
Rational design of packed saturators
Johannes Haarhoff and E. Maritz Rykaart
An attempt to understand dissolved air flotation using multivariate data analysis
Milos Krofta, Banda Herath, David Burgess and Larry Lampman
Design parameters for dissolved air flotation in South Africa
Lucas R. J. van Vuuren
Birmingham Frankley water treatment works redevelopment
T. Schofield
Use of dissolved air flotation in potable water treatment in Finland
J. Heinänen, P. Jokela and T. Ala-Peijari
The first DAF water treatment plant in the United States
David Nickols, Gerard C. Moerschell and Michael V. Broder
Design and control of flotation thickeners
J. R. Bratby and W. A. Ambrose
Modified vortex separator and UV disinfection for combined sewer overflow treatment
M. C. Boner, D. R. Ghosh, S. R. Harper and B. G. Turner
Urban wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation and flotation
M.-F. Pouet and A. Grasmick
Municipal wastewater treatment by lime/ferrous sulfate and dissolved air flotation
Luis C芍ceres and Ren谷 Contreras
Primary-secondary flotation of three municipal wastewaters: pilot-scale study
M. Krofta, D. Miskovic and D. Burgess
Dissolved air flotation in the treatment of industrial wastewaters with a special emphasis on forest and foodstuff industries
M. Viitasaari, P. Jokela and J. Heinänen
Removal of cadmium from dilute solutions by flotation
Anastasios I. Zouboulis and Konstantine A. Matis
Recent applications of dissolved air flotation pilot studies and full scale design
Peter J. Harvey
Application of dissolved air flotation for treatment of wastewater from meat processing industry
J. Wasowski

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 5-6
Epidemiological study of swimming-associated illnesses relating to bathing-beach water quality
Kueh C. S. W.
Microbiological-epidemiological study of selected marine beaches in Malaga (Spain)
F. J. Mariño, M. A. Moriñigo, E. Martinez-Manzanares and J. J. Borrego
Association of staphylococcal skin infections and swimming
N. Charoenca and R. S. Fujioka
The relationship between health effects in triathletes and microbiological quality of freshwater
G. J. Medema, I. A. van Asperen, J. M. Klokman-Houweling, A. Nooitgedagt, M. J. W. van de Laar and A. H. Havelaar
Applicability of the recreational water quality standard guidelines
F. J. Mariño, E. Martinez-Manzanares, M. A. Moriñigo and J. J. Borrego
Causes of waterborne outbreaks in community water systems in Finland: 1980-1992
K. Lahti and L. Hiisvirta
Risk of bacillus cereus and pseudomonas aeruginosa nosocomial infections in a burns centre: the microbiological monitoring of water supplies for a preventive strategy
L. Valentino and M. V. Torregrossa
Gene exchange in drinking water and biofilms by natural transformation
John T. Lisle and Joan B. Rose
Development of a colorimetric protein phosphorylation assay for detecting cyanobacterial toxins
C. Ash, C. MacKintosh, R. MacKintosh and C. R. Fricker
Use of a protein phosphatase inhibition test for the detection of cyanobacterial toxins in water
C. Ash, C. MacKintosh, R. MacKintosh and C. R. Fricker
Removal and inactivation of viruses by drinking water treatment processes under full scale conditions
A. H. Havelaar, M. van Olphen and J. F. Schijven
Removal of hepatitis a virus (HAV), poliovirus and MS2 coliphage by coagulation and high rate filtration
A. Nasser, D. Weinberg, N. Dinoor, B. Fattal and A. Adin
Bacteriophage removal in water treatment plants
J. Jofre, E. Oll谷, F. Lucena and F. Ribas
Microbiological quality of residues from drinking water preparation
M. W邦rzer, A. Wiedenmann and K. Botzenhart
Removal of cryptosporidium by slow sand filtration
S. Timms, J. S. Slade and C. R. Fricker
Comparison of F-specific bacteriophage, enterococci, and faecal coliform densities through a wastewater treatment process employing oxidation ponds
S. J. Turner and G. D. Lewis
Pathogen die-off in stored wastewater sludge
R. A. Gibbs, C. J. Hu, G. E. Ho, P. A. Phillips and I. Unkovich
Removal and inactivation of cryptosporidium oocysts by activated sludge treatment and anaerobic digestion
K. L. Stadterman, A. M. Sninsky, J. L. Sykora and W. Jakubowskii
Disinfection of effluents by combinations of chlorine dioxide and chlorine
N. Narkis, A. Katz, F. Orshansky, Y. Kott and Y. Friedland
Investigation of injury of coliforms after chlorination
M. du Preez, R. Kfir and P. Coubrough
Efficacy of a combined system of copper and silver and free chlorine for inactivation of Naegleria fowleri amoebas in water
J. M. Cassells, M. T. Yahya, C. P. Gerba and J. B. Rose
The interaction of silver ions and hydrogen peroxide in the inactivation of E. coli: a preliminary evaluation of a new long acting residual drinking water disinfectant
Rami Pedahzur, Ovadia Lev, Badri Fattal and Hillel I. Shuval
Effect of advanced oxidation processes on inactivation of coliphages
Ritva L. Rajala-Mustonen and Helvi Heinonen-Tanski
Chloramine-induced injury of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli
K. Tosa, T. Hirata and K. Taguchi
Detection of poliovirus by cell culture and by PCR after UV disinfection
A. Maier, D. Tougianidou, A. Wiedenmann and K. Botzenhart
Comparison of three laboratory devices for UV-inactivation of microorganisms
R. Sommer, A. Cabaj, D. Schoenen, J. Gebel, A. Kolch, A. H. Havelaar and F. M. Schets
Virucidal effect of UV light on hepatitis a virus in sea water: evaluation with cell culture and RT-PCR
F. L谷v那que, J. M. Crance, C. Beril and L. Schwartzbrod
Effluent disinfection in warm climates with peracetic acid
M. G. C. Baldry, A. Cavadore, M. S. French, G. Massa, L. M. Rodrigues, P. F. T. Schirch and T. L. Threadgold
Viral inactivation by potassium ferrate
Futaba Kazama
Resistance of bacterial cultures to non-oxidising water treatment bactericides by adaptation
V. S. Brözel, B. Pietersen and T. E. Cloete
Influence of salts and montmorillonite upon heat inactivation of poliovirus in sterile water
F. Quignon and L. Schwartzbrod
Development of a test method for assessing inactivation of viruses by materials used in domestic plumbing
K. O. Colquhoun, S. Timms, A. Maddox and C. R. Fricker
A survival study of Escherichia coli in a south African river using membrane diffusion chambers
C. M. E. de Wet, S. N. Venter, N. Rodda, R. Kfir, M. C. Steynberg, D. Hohls and G. du Plessis
Comparative survival of hepatitis A virus, poliovirus and indicator viruses in geographically diverse seawaters
Kathleen M. Callahan, Douglas J. Taylor and Mark D. Sobsey
Bacteriophage persistence in the sea environment
F. Lucena, J. Lasobras, R. Muñoz, R. Araujo and J. Jofre
Stability of plasmid-borne resistance of antibiotics during starvation of Escherichia coli in raw and treated waste water and brackish water
M. Arturo-Schaan, Z. Tamanai-Shacoori and M. Cormier
Comparative reductions of hepatitis A virus, enteroviruses and coliphage MS2 in miniature soil columns
Mark D. Sobsey, Richard M. Hall and Ruth L. Hazard
Detection of F+ bacteriophage in large volumes of water by a membrane filter method (MFM)
P. Erb, A. M. Nasser and B. Fattal
Distribution comparison between coliphages and phages of anaerobic bacteria (Bacteroides fragilis) in water sources, and their reliability as fecal pollution indicators in drinking water
R. Armon and Y. Kott
Bacteroides fragilis and Escherichia coli bacteriophages: excretion by humans and animals
W. O. K. Grabow, T. E. Neubrech, C. S. Holtzhausen and J. Jofre
F-specific bacteriophage as an indicator of human viruses in natural waters and sewage effluents in Northern New Zealand
Gillian D. Lewis
Evaluation of indicators for assessment of human and animal faecal pollution of surface run-off
P. Jagals, W. O. K. Grabow and J. C. de Villiers
Significance of indicator bacteria changes in an urban stream
Ernst M. Davis, M. Truett Garrett and Terri D. Skinner
In situ replication studies of somatic and male-specific coliphages in a tropical pristine river
E. A. Hern芍ndez-Delgado and G. A. Toranzos
Sand, soil, and pigeon droppings: sources of indicator bacteria in the waters of Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
Robin Oshiro and Roger Fujioka
Improved recovery of chlorine-stressed coliforms with pyruvate supplemented media
D. P. Sartory
Comparative performance of colisureTM and accepted methods in the detection of chlorine-injured total coliforms and E. coli
G. A. McFeters, S. C. Broadaway, B. H. Pyle, M. Pickett and Y. Egozy
The identification and human health significance of environmental aeromonads
N. J. Ashbolt, A. Ball, M. Dorsch, C. Turner, P. Cox, A. Chapman and S. M. Kirov
Estimation of the fate of microbial water quality contaminants in a South African river
D. Hohls, G. du Plessis, S. N. Venter, M. C. Steynberg, C. M. E. De Wet, N. Rodda and R. Kfir
Development of a method to selectively isolate pathogenic Leptospira from environmental samples
Richa Wilson and Roger Fujioka
Modified culture methods for the detection of Vibrio spp. from estuarine waters
A. Toro, N. Gonzalez, J. Torres, E. Dvorsky and G. A. Toranzos
Use of gene probes for the detection of quiescent enteric bacteria in marine and fresh waters
Sally A. Anderson, Gillian D. Lewis and Michael N. Pearson
Microbial quality of a marine tidal pool
B. Genthe, R. Kfir and M. Franck
A comparison of culture methods for the detection of Salmonella in wastewater sludge
C. J. Hu and R. A. Gibbs
Validity of serological methods (ELISA) for detecting infectious viruses in water
A. M. Nasser, Y. Tchorch and B. Fattal
Removal of PCR inhibiting substances in sewage sludge amended soil
Timothy M. Straub, Ian L. Pepper and Charles P. Gerba
Studies on wild and vaccine strains of poliovirus isolated from water and sewage
Jane Sellwood, Pamela A. Litton, Jacqueline McDermott and Jonathon P. Clewley
Detection of enteroviruses in marine waters by direct RT-PCR and cell culture
K. A. Reynolds, C. P. Gerba and I. L. Pepper
Enzymatic amplification of enteric viruses from wastewaters
David H. Green and Gillian D. Lewis
Use of the polymerase chain reaction for the detection of enteroviruses in river and marine recreational waters
A. P. Wyn-Jones, R. Pallin, J. Sellwood and D. Tougianidou
Detection of enteric adenoviruses in south African waters using gene probes
B. Genthe, M. Gericke, B. Bateman, N. Mjoli and R. Kfir
Detection of adenovirus and enterovirus by PCR amplification in polluted waters
R. Girones, M. Puig, A. Allard, F. Lucena, G. Wadell and J. Jofre
Optimization of a PCR method for the detection of astrovirus type 1 in environmental samples
F. E. Marx, M. B. Taylor and W. O. K. Grabow
Occurrence of reoviruses in environmental water samples
N. Milde, D. Tougianidou and K. Botzenhart
A novel method for the detection of infectious rotavirus from water
J. Sellwood and P. Wyn-Jones
Polymerase chain reaction amplification and typing of rotavirus in environmental samples
R. Gajardo, R. M. Pint車 and A. Bosch
Detection of small round structured viruses in clinical and environmental samples by polymerase chain reaction
M. Wolfaardt, C. L. Moe and W. O. K. Grabow
Application of polymerase chain reaction to detect RNA coliphage Q in environmental water samples
Limsawat Sunun, Naoyuki Kamiko, Kazuo Yamamoto and Shinichiro Ohgaki
Use of RT seminested PCR to assess viral contamination in Caribbean rivers (Martinique)
F. Le Guyader, D. Menard, M. Pommepuy and H. Kopecka
Viruses in river waters and sediments in Austria
R. Walter, C. Baumgartiger and M. Schwabl
Comparison of two rapid tests for the detection of legionellaceae in water: a microbiological-immunological method and a commercial gene-probe testkit
E. Frahm and U. Obst
Detection of legionella spp. using a commercially available polymerase chain reaction test
E. J. Fricker and C. R. Fricker
Detection of legionella bacteria in sewage by polymerase chain reaction and standard culture method
Bruce M. Roll and Roger S. Fujioka
Studies evaluating the applicability of utilising the same concentration techniques for the detection of protozoan parasites and viruses in water
R. Kfir, C. Hilner, M. du Preez and B. Bateman
Evaluation of different filtration techniques for the concentration of cryptosporidium oocysts from water
K. M. Shepherd and A. P. Wyn-Jones
Detection and enumeration of giardia cysts in river waters of Hong Kong by flocculation-percoll/sucrose gradient-immunofluorescence method
Bella S. W. Ho
Studies on the prevalence of giardia cysts and cryptosporidium oocysts in South African water
R. Kfir, C. Hilner, M. du Preez and B. Bateman
Detection of giardia and cryptosporidium in marine waters
D. C. Johnson, K. A. Reynolds, C. P. Gerba, I. L. Pepper and J. B. Rose
Helminth eggs in wastewater: quantification technique
P. G. Gaspard and J. Schwartzbrod
Differential accumulation and depuration of human enteric viruses by mussels
A. Bosch, R. M. Pint車 and F. X. Abad
Recovery of somatic coliphages in shellfish
M. Albert, C. Vannesson and L. Schwartzbrod
Development of a PCR-based method for the detection of enteroviruses and hepatitis a virus in molluscan shellfish and its application to polluted field samples
David N. Lees, Kathleen Henshilwood and Sarah Butcher
Evaluation of an extraction-precipitation method for recovering hepatitis A virus and poliovirus from hardshell clams (mercenaria mercenaria)
Soumaya Alouini and Mark D. Sobsey
Quality control in environmental microbiology compared with chemistry: what is homogeneous and what is random?
Hilary E. Tillett and Nigel F. Lightfoot
Cadmium and lead in tissues of scallops from Port Phillip Bay, Australia
Rudolf Wu and Anissa Groves

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 7
Flow and pollutant measurements in a combined sewer system to operate a wastewater treatment plant and its storage tank during storm events
J.-L. Bertrand-Krajewski, M. Lefebvre, B. Lefai and J.-M. Audic
Characterising the quantity and quality of domestic wastewater inflows
David Butler, Eran Friedler and Kevin Gatt
The effect of organic reactions in a collection system on wastewater treatment plant performance
Bruce Gall, Imre Tak芍cs and Gilles Patry
Mousetrap: modelling of water quality processes and the interaction of sediments and pollutants in sewers
Henrik Garsdal, Ole Mark, Jesper Dørge and Svend-Erik Jepsen
Mousetrap: modelling of real sewer sediment characteristics and attached pollutants
R. W. Crabtree, R. Ashley and R. Gent
The effects of surcharged manholes on the travel time and dispersion of solutes in sewer systems
Ian Guymer and Rob O'Brien
Organic near-bed fluid and particulate transport in combined sewers
E. Ristenpart, R. M. Ashley and M. Uhl
Origin, resuspension and settling characteristics of solids transported in combined sewage
S. Michelbach
Sediment properties and their changes in a sewer
E. Ristenpart
Capturing and releasing settleable solids - the significance of dense undercurrents in combined sewer flows
Michel A. Verbanck
The transfer of solids in combined sewer networks
G. Chebbo, A. Bachoc, D. Laplace and B. Le Guennec
Principles and approaches for numerical modelling of sediment transport in sewers
Ole Mark, Cecilia Appelgren and Torben Larsen
Influence of sewer sediments on flow friction and shear stress distribution
Gustavo Perrusqu赤a, Ole Petersen and Torben Larsen
Oxygen transfer in gravity flow sewers
P. Balm谷r and M. Tagizadeh-Nasser
Aromatic VOC emissions from a municipal sewer interceptor
John Bell
Control of VOC emissions from sewers: a multi-parameter assessment
Richard L. Corsi, Steve Birkett, Henryk Melcer and John Bell
Influence of oxygen on biofilm growth and potential sulfate reduction in gravity sewer biofilm
Niels H. Norsker, Per H. Nielsen and Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen
Volatile fatty acids and sulfide in pressure mains
T. Hvitved-Jacobsen, K. Raunkjær and P. H. Nielsen
Aerobic biodegradation and microbial population of a synthetic wastewater in a channel with suspended and attached biomass
Y. S. Cao and G. J. Alaerts
Alteration in sewage characteristics upon aging
Wang Kaijun, G. Zeeman and G. Lettinga
Experimental procedures characterizing transformations of wastewater organic matter in the Emscher river, Germany
H. Løkkegaard Bjerre, T. Hvitved-Jacobsen, B. Teichgräber and D. te Heesen
Substrate removal in long sewer lines
Adem Özer
The gully pot as a physical, chemical and biological reactor
D. Butler, Xiao Y., S. H. P. G. Karunaratne and S. Thedchanamoorthy
The gully pot as a biochemical reactor
Gregory M. Morrison, D. Michael Revitt and J. Bryan Ellis
Septicity in sewers: causes, consequences and containment
Arthur G. Boon
Mathematical modelling of sulphides and hydrogen sulphide gas build-up in the Costa do Estoril sewerage system
J. S. Matos and C. M. Aires
A newly isolated fungus participates in the corrosion of concrete sewer pipes
Cho Kyeoung-Suk and Tadahiro Mori
Control of hydrogen sulfide and degradation of organic matter by air injection into a wastewater force main
N. Tanaka and K. Takenaka
The control of septicity and odours in sewerage systems and at sewage treatment works operated by Anglian Water Services Limited
Derek C. W. Sercombe
Controlled dosing of nitrate for prevention of H2S in a sewer network and the effects on the subsequent treatment processes
G. Bentzen, A. T. Smith, D. Bennett, N. J. Webster, F. Reinholt, E. Sletholt and J. Hobson
Bacteriology of urban runoff: the combined sewer as a bacterial reactor and generator
J. Bryan Ellis and Yu Wang
Dry and storm weather transport of coliforms and faecal streptococci in combined sewage
R. M. Ashley and W. Dabrowski
The fate of detergent surfactants in sewer systems
E. Matthijs, G. Debaere, N. Itrich, P. Masscheleyn, A. Rottiers, M. Stalmans and T. Federle

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 8
Protecting Europe's water resources: policy issues
Rainer E. Enderlein
The philosophy of Neeltje Jans
Arnold Cornelis
Effects of area and time horizons in comprehensive and integrated water resources management
Vujica Yevjevich
Living with water: Rhine River basin management
Dietrich Ruchay
The Fraser River basin - towards sustainability
W. M. Pomeroy
Management of interdisciplinary teams
H. Engel
The impact of land reclamation on groundwater quality and future drinking water supply in the Netherlands
Pieter J. Stuyfzand
From one-sided promotion of individual interests to integrated water management in the Rhine basin
Pieter Huisman
Is it possible to influence water temperature and quality in the river seine upstream of Paris in summer by managing the upstream reservoirs?
K. Malatre and Ph. Goose
Effects of water transfers projected in the Spanish National Hydrological Plan on the ecology of the lower River Ebro (N.E. Spain) and its delta
Narc赤s Prat and Carles Ibañez
The role of non-point nutrient sources in water pollution - present situation, countermeasures, outlook
W. Werner and H.-P. Wodsak
Microbial transformation of PCBs in sediments: what can we learn to solve practical problems?
Paul B. M. Stortelder
Agricultural best management practices and surface water improvement and management
D. L. Anderson and E. G. Flaig
Strategies for protecting Florida's everglades: the best management practice approach
F. T. Izuno and L. T. Capone
The chesapeake bay story: the science behind the program
L. R. Shuyler, L. C. Linker and C. P. Walters
Modelling the flow of nitrogen and phosphorus in Europe: from loads to coastal seas
A. H. W. Beusen, O. Klepper and C. R. Meinardi
Environmental aspects of the restoration of river ecosystems in The Netherlands
W. D. Denneman, A. de Pree, G. A. O. Reininga and J. van der Braak
Rotterdam for a clean river Meuse
F. J. Klink
Prediction of effects of measures to reduce eutrophication in surface water in rural areas - a case study
J. W. H. van der Kolk and R. F. A. Hendriks
Vulnerability to diffuse pollution and average nitrate contamination of european soils and groundwater
C. R. Meinardi, A. H. W. Beusen, M. J. S. Bollen, O. Klepper and W. J. Willems
Restoration of our lakes and rivers with wetlands - an important application of ecological engineering
William J. Mitsch
Policy analysis as a tool for habitat restoration: a case study of a danube river floodplain, Hungary
M. Marchand, E. C. L. Marteijn and P. Bakonyi
Ecological restoration of the Rhine/Maas estuary
J. W. M. Kuijpers
Large-scale wetland-restoration of the Ronde Venen, The Netherlands
L. L. Bijlmakers and E. O. A. M. de Swart
Eutrophication and ecological rehabilitation of Dutch lakes: Presentation of a new conceptual framework
M. Klinge, M. P. Grimm and S. H. Hosper
Nature on the move - towards large-scale water system and nature development in the Netherlands
M. C. de Vriend and C. W. Iedema
Restoration of the broads-area Alde Feanen, The Netherlands: measures and results
T. H. L. Claassen and R. Maasdam
Upscaling biomanipulation in 600 ha Lake Zuidlaardermeer
C. Roos, M. Klinge, J. Heringa, D. A. de Vries and R. Torenbeek
Ecosystem development in Lake Volkerak-Zoom: concept and strategy
W. Ligtvoet and S. A. de Jong
Artificial mixing: a therapy measure combating cyanobacteria in Lake Nieuwe Meer
Bart van der Veer, Jan Koedood and Petra M. Visser
Water quality management: can we improve integration to face future problems?
L芍szl車 Somly車dy
Multicriteria methods in river basin planning - a case study
P. Anand Raj
Optimal operation of a reservoir for quality control using inflows and outflows
K. D. W. Nandalal and Janos J. Bogardi
An integrated water management concept to ensure a safe water supply and high drinking water quality on an ecologically sound basis
Bernd Heinzmann and Ferdinand Sarfert
A methodology for water quantity and quality assessment for wetland development
Rolando G. Vadas, Luis A. Garcia and John W. Labadie
Policy analysis and complexity - a non-equilibrium approach for integrated water management
Govert D. Geldof
Enhancing research utilization for integrated water management
Johan Wisserhof
Water quality standards: sense and nonsense
Lambertus Lijklema
The water system explorations - a new dutch project (the aquatic outlook) for combining monitoring, research and policy analysis for integrated water management
J. P. A. Luiten
International watercourses: the World Bank looks toward a more comprehensive approach to management
Harvey Olem and Alfred M. Duda
Geohydrological information systems for water management
M. J. van Bracht
Ecological rehabilitation and morphological impact of gravel extraction in the river meuse
H. D. Duizendstra and M. E. Nieuwenhuijzen
A method for quantifying the effects of groundwater shortages on aquatic and wet ecosystems
J. M. J. Gieske, J. Runhaar and H. L. M. Rolf
The lake ecosystem simulation program
J. Heringa, H. Hylkema, M. Kroes, E. Ludden and P. G. van Schaick Zillesen
PCLAKE: a modelling tool for the evaluation of lake restoration scenarios
Jan H. Janse and Louis van Liere
Groundwater flow systems analysis on a regional and nation-wide scale in the Netherlands; the use of flow systems analysis in wetland management
F. H. Kloosterman, R. J. Stuurman and R. van der Meijden
Principles of designing secondary channels along the river rhine for the benefit of ecological restoration
M. H. I. Schropp
Landuse - water quality modelling: a case study
M. Chandra Sekhar and P. Anand Raj
The habitat evaluation procedure as a tool for ecological rehabilitation of wetlands in the Netherlands
H. Duel, B. P. M. Specken, W. D. Denneman and C. Kwakernaak
Living with water: at the cross-roads of change
Joost de Jong, Peter T. J. C. van Rooy and S. Harry Hosper

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 9
Water quality conservation for the Citarum River in West Java
Nana Terangna Bukit
Development and eutrophication: experiences and perspectives
Lambertus Lijklema
River water quality study in the vicinity of Jakarta
K. Palupi, S. Sumengen, S. Inswiasri, L. Agustina, S. A. Nunik, W. Sunarya and A. Quraisyn
A mathematical concept of runoff prediction model for small tropical catchment areas
Priana Sudjono
Mathematical modelling of long-term runoff load from rural watersheds
Ha Sung-Ryong and Lee Kwang-Ho
Photocatalytic mineralisation of perchloroethylene using titanium dioxide
Hani Gupta and Shuzo Tanaka
Influence of changing microbial sludge characteristics on the degradation of an inhibitory compound
P. Mungkarndee, S. M. Rao Bhamidimarri, A. J. Mawson and R. Chong
Effects of high sodium chloride concentrations on activated sludge treatment
M. F. Hamoda and I. M. S. Al-Attar
A bench-scale study on chromium recovery from tanning wastewater
Thongchai Panswad, Orathai Chavalparit, Yaowanud Sucharittham and Sasithorn Charoenwisedsin
Phosphorus movement through soils and groundwater: application of a time-dependent sorption model
Goen E. Ho and Suprihanto Notodarmojo
Biochemical characterization of wastewater by electrolytic respirometer
Eun Lee Sang and Soo Suh Yoon
Effect of sulfate on anaerobic processes fed with dual substrates
Chongchin Polprasert and Charles N. Haas
Electrochemical precipitation of chromium (Cr6+) from an electroplating wastewater
N. Kongsricharoern and C. Polprasert
Characteristics of leachate produced from simulation of landfill in a tropical country
Somjai Karnchanawong, Takashi Ikeguchi, Seni Karnchanawong and Suporn Koottatep
Microstructural analysis of UASB granules treating brewery wastewater
H. P. Fang H.
Role of filter media in an anaerobic fixed-bed reactor
T. Miyahara, M. Takano and T. Noike
The use of a zeolite-iron column for residual ammonia and phosphorus removal in the effluent from a membrane process as an on-site small-scale domestic wastewater treatment
C. Ratanatamskul, C. Chiemchaisri and K. Yamamoto
Effects of phase separation in anaerobic digestion on different substrates
S. Jeyaseelan and T. Matsuo
Development of a high-efficiency household biofilm reactor
M. Imura, Y. Sato, Y. Inamori and R. Sudo
A study of a modified process for the intermittent cycle extended aeration system
F. Ouyang C.
Predicting the bed expansion of an anaerobic fluidised-bed bioreactor
Tjandra Setiadi
Survey on filamentous micro-organisms in activated sludge processes in Bangkok, Thailand
Takashi Mino

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:19:03

Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 10
Nutrition, animal production and the environment
A. R谷rat and S. J. Kaushik
Intermediary metabolism in fish with reference to output of end products of nitrogen and phosphorus
C. B. Cowey
Minimising waste through bioenergetically and behaviourally based feeding strategies
J. E. Thorpe and Young Cho C.
Aquaculture feeds and the environment: the asian experience
A. G. J. Tacon, M. J. Phillips and U. C. Barg
Environmental impact of nutrients from nordic fish farming
M. Enell
Fish farming in Denmark: environmental impact of regulative legislation
T. M. Iversen
Bioengineering and biotechnological strategies for reduced waste aquaculture
Ian Mayer and Ewen McLean
Modelling waste output from trout farms
J.-O. Frier, J. From, T. Larsen and G. Rasmussen
A hydroacoustic waste feed controller for tank systems
Steven T. Summerfelt, Kyle H. Holland, Joseph A. Hankins and Martin D. Durant
Measurements of feed intake and excretion in fish using radiography or chemical indicators
O. Gudmundsson, S. V. Tryggvadottir, Th. Petursdottir and K. Halldorsdottir
Requirement for phosphorus in rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) growing from 50 to 200 g
M. Rodehutscord and E. Pfeffer
Effects of supplemental microbial phytase on phosphorus digestibility and utilization in rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss)
M. Rodehutscord and E. Pfeffer
Effects of a microbial phytase on the utilization of native phosphorus by carp in a diet based on soybean meal
A. Schäfer, W. M. Koppe, K.-H. Meyer-Burgdorff and K. D. G邦nther
Dietary N and P levels, effluent water characteristics and performance in rainbow trout
D. Lanari, E. D'Agaro and R. Ballestrazzi
Formulation of fish diets with reduced phosphorous content
C. Jacobsen and T. Børresen
Effect of size/age and feed composition on body composition and phosphorus content of rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss
B. Rønsholdt
Effects of dietary protein/energy ratio, ration size, dietary energy source and water temperature on nitrogen excretion in rainbow trout
F. M谷dale, C. Brauge, F. Vall谷e and S. J. Kaushik
Effect of dietary protein:energy ratio on weight gain, body composition, serum glucose and triglyceride levels, and liver function of striped bass
L. Curry Woods, Doug Yust, Charles McLeod and Mark Subramanyam
Replacement of fish meal by plant proteins in diets for rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss): effect of the quality of the fishmeal based control diets on digestibility and nutrient balances
Em赤dio F. Gomes, P. Rema, A. Gouveia and A. Oliva Teles
Feed management and reduction of aquaculture wastes
L. Kolsäter
The impact of restricted rationing upon growth, food conversion efficiency and body composition of rainbow trout
M. Tomec
Fillet texture of rainbow trout as affected by feeding strategy, slaughtering procedure and storage post mortem
Jacob Færgemand, Bent Rønsholdt, Niels Alsted and Torger Børresen
Evaluation of the effect of live haulage on metabolites and fillet texture of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
T. Ostenfeld, S. Thomsen, S. Ing車lfd車ttir, B. Rønsholdt and E. McLean
Biological and nutritional approach to the environmental impact of trout culture in Portugal
A. M. P. Rodrigues
Variation in the operating income and the environmental impact of trout culture from a Danish fish farm utilising different production strategies
Jacob Færgemand
A multi-disciplinary Danish research programme on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) farming
P. Berg, B. O. Eggum, S. H. Møller, L.-E. Holm, P. E. V. Jørgensen, N. J. Olesen, K. Buchmann, J. L. Larsen, I. Dalsgaard, S. Mellergaard, J. From, J.-O. Frier, E. McLean, V. Hørlyck, C. Graver, T. P. Kristensen, E. Birk and P. Bovbjerg

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-28 15:19:39

Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 11
Off-flavor as the consumer's measure of drinking water safety
Michael J. McGuire
19th century and early 20th century studies on aquatic off-flavours - a historical review
Per-Edvin Persson
A chemical and sensory study of odour compounds in the Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada
S. L. Kenefick, B. G. Brownlee, T. R. Perley and S. E. Hrudey
Depuration of oil taint and muscle pigment from fish
H. K. Davis
Off-flavor problem in drinking water of Tokyo arising from the occurrence of musty odor in a downstream tributary
Mitsugu Hosaka, Kiyoko Murata, Yutaka Iikura, Akiko Oshimi and Tomio Udagawa
Characterization of odorous compounds from bleached kraft pulp mill effluent
B. G. Brownlee, S. L. Kenefick, G. A. MacInnis and S. E. Hrudey
Geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol production in a major aqueduct system
G. Izaguirre and W. D. Taylor
Drinking water off-flavour caused by the formation of short-chain fatty acids in slow sand filters
S. Karlsson, A. Grimvall and H. Bor谷n
A review of off-flavour tainting of drinking water and fish by pulp mill effluents
S. L. Kenefick, N. J. Low, S. E. Hrudey and B. G. Brownlee
Taste and odor events in Barcelona's water supply
F. Ventura, L. Matia, J. Romero, MaR. Boleda, I. Mart赤 and J. Mart赤n
Physiology and biochemistry of odorous compounds from freshwater cyanobacteria and algae
F. J邦ttner
2-methylisoborneol degradation by the cam operon from pseudomonas putida PpG1
E. Oikawa, A. Shimizu and Y. Ishibashi
The reactions of some sulfur compounds in water supplies in Perth, Australia
J. E. Wajon and A. Heitz
Extraction and identification of chemicals causing grassy odors in flavor profile analysis (FPA) reference standards
D. Khiari, I. H. Suffet and S. E. Barrett
Formation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol and 2,4,6-trichloroanisole during treatment and distribution of drinking water
S. Karlsson, S. Kaugare, A. Grimvall, H. Bor谷n and R. Sävenhed
The determination of compounds causing fishy/swampy odors in drinking water supplies
D. Khiari, I. H. Suffet and S. E. Barrett
The source of bromophenols in some species of Australian ocean fish
F. B. Whitfield, F. Helidoniotis, D. Svoronos, K. J. Shaw and G. L. Ford
Interactions between bacteria-free Anabaena macrospora clone and bacteria isolated from unialgal culture
K. Aoyama, N. Kawamura, M. Saitoh, Y. Magara and Y. Ishibashi
Comparative physiology of geosmin production by Streptomyces halstedii and Anabaena sp.
W. T. Blevins, K. K. Schrader and I. Saadoun
The effects of copper sulfate on geosmin biosynthesis by streptomyces tendae, streptomyces albidoflavus, and penicillium expansum
Christopher P. Dionigi
The contribution of sedimentation of algal cell to the downstream levels of musty odor
T. Hoson, S. Hayashi and K. Hattori
In situ production of volatile odour compounds by river and reservoir phytoplankton populations in Australia
Gary J. Jones and Wolfgang Korth
The relationship between musty-odor-causing organisms and water quality inv Lake Biwa
M. Kajino and K. Sakamoto
Chemical perception and behavioral response of freshwater fish to 2-methylisoborneol
G. Kawamura, K. Anraku, Y. Hisatomi, T. Matsuoka and T. Motohiro
The influence of growth conditions on odor-compound production by two chrysophytes and two cyanobacteria
D. M. C. Rashash, A. M. Dietrich, R. C. Hoehn and B. C. Parker
Biology of Oscillatoria cf. chalybea, a 2-methylisoborneol producing blue-green alga of Mississippi catfish ponds
M. van der Ploeg, M. E. Dennis and M. Q. de Regt
Growth and 2-methylisoborneol production by the cyanobacterium Phormidium LM689
W. J. Zimmerman, C. M. Soliman and B. H. Rosen
Release of geosmin by Anabaena circinalis following treatment with aluminium sulphate
R. Velzeboer, M. Drikas, C. Donati, M. Burch and D. Steffensen
Evaluation of odour removal by pilot-scale biological treatment process trains during spring runoff in an ice-covered river
S. E. Hrudey, P. M. Huck, M. J. Mitton and S. L. Kenefick
Bench-scale determination of the removal of odour compounds with biological treatment
P. M. Huck, S. L. Kenefick, S. E. Hrudey and S. Zhang
Elimination of terpenoid odorous compounds by slow sand and river bank filtration of the Ruhr River, Germany
F. J邦ttner
Effective removal of musty odor in the Kanamachi Purification Plant
S. Muramoto, T. Udagawa and T. Okamura
Oxidation of odorous and nonodorous algal metabolites by permanganate, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide
A. M. Dietrich, R. C. Hoehn, L. C. Dufresne, L. W. Buffin, D. M. C. Rashash and B. C. Parker
Studies on a biological filter for musty odor removal in drinking water treatment processes
N. Terauchi, T. Ohtani, K. Yamanaka, T. Tsuji, T. Sudou and K. Ito
Odour and flavour in waters: quantitative method for a new european standard
S. Rigal
Development of a taste and odor expert system: present state, strengths, limitations and possible future evolution
A. Bruchet, C. Anselme, C. Jammes and J. Mallevialle
The identification of odorous metabolites produced from algal monocultures
E. Cotsaris, A. Bruchet, J. Mallevialle and D. B. Bursill
Flavour and off-flavour in wild and farmed atlantic salmon from locations around northern ireland
L. J. Farmer, J. M. McConnell, T. D. J. Hagan and D. B. Harper
The use of reference materials in sensory analysis
S. W. Krasner

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 31 Number 12
Ponds in the twenty-first century
W. J. Oswald
Energetics of advanced integrated wastewater pond systems
F. B. Green, T. J. Lundquist and W. J. Oswald
Biological removal of algae in an integrated pond system
P. G. J. Meiring and R. A. Oellermann
Enhanced nutrient removal in high-rate ponds
Yakup Nurdogan and William J. Oswald
Difficulties in modelling phosphate evolution in a high-rate algal pond
F. Mespl谷, M. Troussellier, C. Casellas and J. Bontoux
Methane fermentation, submerged gas collection, and the fate of carbon in advanced integrated wastewater pond systems
F. B. Green, L. Bernstone, T. J. Lundquist, J. Muir, R. B. Tresan and W. J. Oswald
The performance of a high-rate algal pond in the Moroccan climate
B. El Hamouri, J. Jellal, K. Khallayoune, A. Benkerroum, A. Hajli and R. Firadi
Wastewater treatment by stabilization pond: Marrakesh experiment
N. Ouazzani, K. Bouhoum, L. Mandi, L. Bouarab, Kh. Habbari, F. Rafiq, B. Picot, J. Bontoux and J. Schwartzbrod
Performance of two municipal sewage stabilization pond systems with high and low loading in South-eastern Spain
A. Soler, F. Torrella, J. S芍ez, I. Mart赤nez, J. Nicol芍s, M. Llorens and J. Torres
Waste stabilization ponds in France: a report on fifteen years experience
Y. Racault, C. Boutin and A. Seguin
Technical economic analysis of stabilization ponds
Xian-wen Li
Computational fluid dynamic modelling of wastewater ponds to improve design
M. G. Wood, P. F. Greenfield, T. Howes, M. R. Johns and J. Keller
Significance of biofilm activity in facultative pond design and performance
C. Polprasert and B. K. Agarwalla
The influence of pond geometry and configuration on facultative and maturation waste stabilisation pond performance and efficiency
H. W. Pearson, D. D. Mara and H. A. Arridge
Purple non-sulfur bacteria and their influence on waste stabilisation pond performance in the Yemen Republic
S. Veenstra, F. A. Al-Nozaily and G. J. Alaerts
Wastewater nutrient removal by marine microalgae cultured under ambient conditions in mini-ponds
Rupert J. Craggs, Valerie J. Smith and Paul J. McAuley
Manganese removal from acid coal-mine drainage by a pond containing green algae and microbial mat
P. Phillips, J. Bender, R. Simms, S. Rodriguez-Eaton and C. Britt
Modelling the performance of anaerobic wastewater stabilization ponds
M. M. Saqqar and M. B. Pescod
Modelling sludge accumulation in anaerobic wastewater stabilization ponds
Muwaffaq M. Saqqar and M. B. Pescod
Purification by a natural waste stabilization pond: influence of weather and ageing on treatment quality and sediment thickness
S. Schetrite and Y. Racault
Upgrading of facultative ponds to treat a toxic organic wastewater
C. Polprasert and S. Sookhanich
A simple method for analysis of the performance of aerated wastewater lagoons
Curtis W. Bryant
Efficiency of removal in stabilization ponds I. Influence of climate
Benilde S. Mendes, M. Jenny do Nascimento, M. Irene Pereira, Gerard Bailey, Nuno Lapa, João Morais and J. Santos Oliveira
Efficiency of removal in stabilization ponds II. Statistical analysis of K values
B. S. Mendes, M. J. do Nascimento, M. I. Pereira, G. Bailey, N. Lapa, J. Morais and J. S. Oliveira
Microbiological performance and salmonella dynamics in a wastewater depuration pond system of southeastern spain
Ana Emparanza-Knörr and Francisco Torrella
Vibrio cholerae 01 and salmonellae removal compared with the die-off of faecal indicator organisms in waste stabilization ponds in northeast Brazil
H. Arridge, J. I. Oragui, H. W. Pearson, D. D. Mara and S. A. Silva
Occurrence of Giardia sp. cysts during a wastewater treatment by a stabilization pond in the South of France
S. Wiandt, B. Baleux, C. Casellas and J. Bontoux
Evaluation of a tropical single-cell waste stabilization pond system for irrigation
B. S. O. Ceballos, A. Konig, B. Lomans, A. B. Athayde and H. W. Pearson
Removal of pathogenic organisms from the effluent of an upflow anaerobic digester using waste stabilization ponds
N. G. H. Dixo, M. P. Gambrill, P. F. C. Catunda and A. C. van Haandel
Rotavirus removal in experimental waste stabilization pond systems with different geometries and configurations
J. I. Oragui, H. Arridge, D. D. Mara, H. W. Pearson and S. A. Silva
Evaluation of serratia marcescens bacteriophage as a tracer and a model for virus removal in waste stabilisation ponds
G. L. Frederick
Ammonia elimination processes in stabilisation and high-rate algal pond systems
E. G車mez, C. Casellas, B. Picot and J. Bontoux
Nitrification processes in stabilisation reservoirs
Y. Azov and T. Tregubova
Nitrogen removal in pond systems with different configurations and geometries
S. A. Silva, R. de Oliveira, J. Soares, D. D. Mara and H. W. Pearson
Phosphorus removal in ponds
Ernesto R. Lopez
Nitrogen removal from waste treatment pond or activated sludge plant effluents with free-surface wetlands
Alexander J. Horne
Upgrading pond effluents: an overview
E. J. Middlebrooks
Upgrading waste stabilization pond effluent by rock filters
M. Y. Saidam, S. A. Ramadan and D. Butler
Upgrading effluent quality for lagoon-based systems
Henryk Melcer, Brian Evans, Stephen G. Nutt and Anthony Ho
Stabilization ponds with recirculation
Gedaliah Shelef and Adam Kanarek
Wastewater reclamation at Rancho Murieta, California; golf course irrigation with upgraded pond effluent meeting California's strictest requirements for wastewater reuse
R. M. Fuog, K. C. Giberson and R. L. Lawrence
The possible reuse of wastewater treated by lagooning for the irrigation of field crops
F. Bunel, J. Carr谷, M. Legeas and M. Etienne
Drip irrigation with waste stabilisation pond effluents: solving the problem of emitter fouling
H. D. Taylor, R. K. X. Bastos, H. W. Pearson and D. D. Mara
The bacterial quality of salad crops drip and furrow irrigated with waste stabilization pond effluent: an evaluation of the who guidelines
R. K. X. Bastos and D. D. Mara

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 1
Integrated approaches for achieving sustainable development of urban storm drainage
J. B. Ellis
Adaptive water management: integrated water management on the edge of chaos
Govert D. Geldof
Towards a universal stormwater management practice for arid zone residential developments
John R. Argue
Study on storm water control by permeable pavement and infiltration pipes
Satoshi Watanabe
Urban stormwater: the analysis of the failure of the alternative techniques and the management of quality
E. Alfakih, S. Barraud, Y. Azzout and B. Chocat
Decision aids for alternative techniques in urban storm management
Y. Azzout, S. Barraud, F. N. Cres and E. Alfakih
Permeable pavements: pollution management tools
J-D. Balad豕s, M. Legret and H. Madiec
Metallic pollution in clogging materials of urban porous pavements
Val谷rie Colandini, Michel Legret, Yves Brosseaud and Jean-Daniel Balad豕s
UK research into the performance of permeable pavement, reservoir structures in controlling stormwater discharge quantity and quality
C. J. Pratt, J. D. G. Mantle and P. A. Schofield
Water diffusion device design in reservoir structures
Mohamed Dakhlaoui, Didier Gaujous, Georges Raimbault and Jean-Pierre Tabuchi
An alternative road construction for stormwater management in cold climates
Christer Stenmark
On-site stormwater detention: improved implementation techniques for runoff quantity and quality management in Sydney
Douglas I. Nicholas
A generic method of design of on-site stormwater detention storages
Donald Ian Phillips
Optimisation of retention basin decanting
Pierre Bourgogne and Jacques Chorda
Review of hydrodynamic separator-regulator efficiencies for practical application
Martin H邦bner and Wolfgang F. Geiger
An infiltration device as a best management practice for immobilizing heavy metals in urban highway runoff
J. J. Sansalone and S. G. Buchberger
Optimized lamellae settling for urban stormwater waste
C. Delporte, R. Pujol and P. Vion
Stormwater treatment by dissolved air flotation: first results from a pilot project
C. Bernard, P. Herviou and T. Poujol
A stochastic approach to designing wetlands for stormwater pollution control
Tony H. F. Wong and N. L. G. Somes
Analysis of source control for domestic wastewaters
Herbert C. Preul
Modelling of rainfall induced infiltration into separate sewerage
N. Belhadj, C. Joannis and G. Raimbault
On-site stormwater detention systems in Sydney
Geoffrey O'Loughlin, Simon Beecham, Stephen Lees, Lawrence Rose and Douglas Nicholas
The UK response to the challenge of Urban stormwater management
Ian Clifforde, Gerard Morris and Bob Crabtree
FLUPOL-MOSQITO, models, simulations, critical analysis and development
D. Blanc, R. Kellagher, L. Phan and R. Price
Optimal design of runoff storage/release systems
Rafael I. Segarra
Modelling of inundation management during extreme storms
A. G. Barnett, H. L. MacMurray, P. L. Wallace and R. T. Lester
Space-time heterogeneities of rainfalls on runoff over urban catchments
Christian Roux, Anne Guillon and Anne Comblez
Improvement in the selection of design storms for the new master drainage plan of Barcelona
J. Raso, P. Malgrat and F. Castillo
Urban discharges during wet weather: what volumes have to be treated?
A. Saget, G. Chebbo and M. Desbordes
A multi-source approach to hydrologic parameter estimation in urban basins
N谷stor A. Campana, Eduardo M. Mendiondo and Carlos E. M. Tucci
Continuous measurement of pollution due to urban effluents under wet conditions using optical systems
Gwenael Ruban
General assessment of potential CSO reduction by means of real time control
Michael Jørgensen, Wolfgang Schilling and Poul Harremoës
The Sewage Works Manager - An Industrialist's Friend or Foe?
P.J. Mathews
Development of a Test Method for Assessing Inactivation of Viruses by Materials Used in Domestic Plumbing
K. O. Colquhoun

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 2
Wastewater treatment utilizing submarine outfalls: the role of science, communications and public involvement in the decision-making process
Vernon J. Rogers
Science, technology, and willingness to pay in ocean disposal of wastes: America's misplaced search for equity. An introductory case study of Los Angeles
William F. Garber and Charles G. Gunnerson
A grey nonlinear programming approach for planning coastal wastewater treatment and disposal systems
Chang Ni-Bin
Distribution and bioaccumulation of heavy metals from produced water discharges to the gulf of Mexico
John H. Trefry, Kelly L. Naito, Robert P. Trocine and Simone Metz
Modelling the coliforms inactivation rates in the Cantabrian sea (bay of Biscay) from in situ and laboratory determinations of T90
Juan C. Canteras, Jos谷 A. Juanes, Luisa P谷rez and Kalin N. Koev
Bacterial die-away rates in red sea waters
H. Z. Sarikaya
Application of the EU bathing water directive to the design of marine sewage disposal systems
D. G. Christoulas and A. D. Andreadakis
Fluorescent dye measurements of the mixing and transport of wastewater discharge in the bosphorus
Emin Özsoy, Mohammed Abdul Latif, S邦kr邦 T. Besiktepe and Alexander Gaines
Sewage outfall plume in the two-layer channel: an example of Istanbul outfall
S邦kr邦 T. Besiktepe, Emin Özsoy and M. Abdul Latif
Application of remote sensing technology to the relation of submarine pipelines and coastal morphology
Y. Y邦ksel, D. Maktav and S. Kapdasli
Evaluation of hydrodynamic characteristics of the Bosphorus regarding the performance of the marine outfall systems
Adnan Akyarli and Yalçin Arisoy
Methods for studying dissolved oxygen levels in coastal and estuarine waters receiving combined sewer overflows
Jos谷 A. Revilla, Kalin N. Koev, Rafael D赤az, C谷sar Álvarez and Antonio Rold芍n
Dredged material of Izmir harbor: its behavior and pollution potential
Ayse Filibeli, Recep Yilmaz and Ibrahim Alyanak
Quantitative comparison of the influxes of nutrients and organic carbon into the Sea of Marmara both from anthropogenic sources and from the Black Sea
Suleyman Tugrul and Colpan Polat
Sedimentation in long sea outfalls
K. H. M. Ali, R. Burrows and A. E. Wose
Sedimentation of particles from jets discharged by ocean outfalls: a theoretical and laboratory study
M. J. Neves and H. J. S. Fernando
Environmental model studies for the Istanbul master plan. Part I: hydrodynamical design basis and marine disposal of wastewater
I. S. Hansen, H. J. Vested and M. A. Latif
Environmental model studies for the Istanbul Master Plan. Part II: water quality and eutrophication
H. K. Bach, D. Orhon, O. K. Jensen and I. S. Hansen
Near-field modeling of the Mamala Bay outfalls
Philip J. W. Roberts
Some environmental aspects of marine disposal systems with particular reference to UK waters
Yusuf Kaya
Saline intrusion in deep riser outfall systems
Roger A. Howard
A simplified model for thermal discharges
I. Özt邦rk, H. Z. Sarikaya, A. F. Aydin and I. Demir
Mass balance of total phosphorus in the Izmit Bay
T. Legovic, E. Morkoç, O. S. Okay, L. Egesel, V. T邦fekci and H. T邦fekci
Scientific basis for wastewater treatment and disposal in Istanbul
Derin Orhon
Design and construction problems of a "big inch" outfall
Carlo Avanzini and Pierantonio Quirici
The Üsk邦dar and Baltalimani sea outfalls of the Istanbul sewerage project: A construction case history
Teoman Sayinli and Selahattin Yigit
Problems related to an existing marine outfall: Marmaris - an example
A. Samsunlu, L. Akça and O. Uslu
Computer-aided design of submarine pipelines
Ümit Gökkus
Marine outfall alternative to solve the color problems of pulp and paper industry effluents
I. Özt邦rk, V. Eroglu, H. Z. Sarikaya, N. Sakiroglu and H. Selçuk
Diffuser design for marine outfalls in areas with strong currents, high waves and sediment transport
Torben Larsen
Review of marine outfall systems in Taiwan
Yang Lei
Case studies on preliminary treatment facilities at marine outfalls
H. Huber, A. B. Tanik and M. Gerçek
Ecological monitoring studies for volos sea outfall (Pagassitikos Gulf, western Aegean Sea)
A. J. Theodorou
Marine water quality management in South Africa
Susan Taljaard and Willem A. M. Botes
Monitoring of sewage outfalls in northern spain: preliminary studies of benthic communities
Jos谷 A. Juanes and Juan C. Canteras
Dilution studies on three marine outfalls in South Africa
Willem A. M. Botes and J. F. Kapp

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 3
Challenges for the development of advanced constructed wetlands technology
H. J. Bavor, D. J. Roser and P. W. Adcock
Constructed wetlands in water pollution control: fundamentals to their understanding
Andrew Wood
Removal efficiency of the constructed wetland wastewater treatment system at Bainikeng, Shenzhen
Yang Yang, Zhencheng Xu, Kangping Hu, Junsan Wang and Guizhi Wang
Integrated constructed wetland for small communities
Olga Urbanc-Bercic and Tjaa Bulc
Mineralisation and pathogen removal in gravel bed hydroponic constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment
J. Williams, M. Bahgat, E. May, M. Ford and J. Butler
Enhancement of nitrogen removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands employing a 2-stage configuration, an unsaturated zone, and recirculation
Kevin D. White
Nitrogen removal from pretreated wastewater in surface flow wetlands
Hans B. Wittgren and Scott Tobiason
An operational survey of a natural lagoon treatment plant combining macrophytes and microphytes basins
Louis Vandevenne
An evaluation of pollutant removal from secondary treated sewage effluent using a constructed wetland system
P. R. Thomas, P. Glover and T. Kalaroopan
Cold-climate constructed wetlands
T. Mæhlum, P. D. Jenssen and W. S. Warner
A pilot study of vertical flow wetlands at coffs harbour, New South Wales, Australia
A. J. Chick and D. S. Mitchell
Using reed beds for winter operation of wetland treatment system for wastewater
Yin Hong and Shen Weiran
The use of extended aeration and in-series surface-flow wetlands for landfill leachate treatment
Craig D. Martin and Keith D. Johnson
Treatment of landfill leachate in on-site lagoons and constructed wetlands
T. Mæhlum
Nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands treating nitrified meat processing effluent
A. J. van Oostrom
Use of constructed wetland to protect bathing water quality
C. Coombes and P. J. Collett
The nutrient retention by ecotone wetlands and their modification for Baiyangdian lake restoration
Yin Chengqing and Lan Zhiwen
An assessment of metal removal from highway runoff by a natural wetland
A. S. Mungur, R. B. E. Shutes, D. M. Revitt and M. A. House
The use of wetlands for the control of non-point source pollution
G. W. Raisin and D. S. Mitchell
Iron and manganese release in coal mine drainage wetland microcosms
W. J. Tarutis and R. F. Unz
Ammonium removal in constructed wetlands with recirculating subsurface flow: removal rates and mechanisms
F. J. Sikora, Tong Zhu, L. L. Behrends, S. L. Steinberg and H. S. Coonrod
Nutrient partitioning in a clay-based surface flow wetland
P. W. Adcock, G. L. Ryan and P. L. Osborne
Removal of pathogens from wastewaters by the root zone method (RZM)
Fermin Rivera, Alan Warren, Elizabeth Ramirez, Olivier Decamp, Patricia Bonilla, Elvia Gallegos, Arturo Calder車n and Jos谷 Trinidad S芍nchez
Ammonium and nitrate removal in vegetated and unvegetated gravel bed microcosm wetlands
Zhu Tong and F. J. Sikora
Accumulation of organic solids in gravel-bed constructed wetlands
Chris C. Tanner and James P. Sukias
Variability of treatment performance in constructed wetlands
E. Kuehn and James A. Moore
A study of activated sludge dewatering in experimental reed-planted or unplanted sludge drying beds
A. Li谷nard, Ph. Duch豕ne and D. Gorini
Comparative study of domestic wastewater treatment efficiencies between facultative pond and water spinach pond
Seni Karnchanawong and Jaras Sanjitt
Reclamation of polluted riverwater for aquaculture: removal of nutrients by microalgae
H. Wong M.
Rootzone dynamics in constructed wetlands receiving wastewater: a comparison of vertical and horizontal flow systems
Peter F. Breen and Alan J. Chick
Domestic wastewater treatment through constructed wetland in India
A. S. Juwarkar, B. Oke, A. Juwarkar and S. M. Patnaik
Treatment of primary-settled urban sewage in pilot-scale vertical flow wetland filters: comparison of four emergent macrophyte species over a 12 month period
Alan Heritage, Pino Pistillo, K. P. Sharma and I. R. Lantzke
Constructed wetlands in Europe
R. Haberl, R. Perfler and H. Mayer
Reed bed treatment systems for sewage treatment in the United Kingdom - the first 10 years' experience
P. Cooper and B. Green
The reality of sewage treatment using wetlands
Peter D. Hiley
Constructed reed beds: appropriate technology for small communities
M. B. Green and J. Upton
Constructed wetland systems for water pollution control in North China
Xianfa Li
Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in the Czech Republic - state of the art
Jan Vymazal
The use of wetlands for water pollution control in Australia: an ecological perspective
D. S. Mitchell, A. J. Chick and G. W. Raisin

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 4
Structural, dynamic and energetic differences among biotic communities dominated by macrophytes, planktonic algae and cyanobacteria
C. S. Reynolds
Light as a selective factor in the distribution of phytoplankton species
L. R. Mur and H. Schreurs
Light adaptation of oscillatoria agardhii at different time scales
Elisabeth H. S. van Duin, R. Hans Aalderink and Lambertus Lijklema
How to survive darkness? Photosynthetic and other solutions provided by three submerged aquatic macrophytes (potamogeton pectinatus L., ruppia drepanensis tineo and zostera noltii hornem.)
Michiel J. M. Hootsmans, Luis Santamar赤a and Jan E. Vermaat
Reduced growth of the cyanobacterium microcystis in an artificially mixed lake and reservoir
Petra M. Visser, Henk A. M. Ketelaars and Luuc R. Mur
On the net growth of phytoplankton in two dutch estuaries
J. Kromkamp and J. Peene
Phytoplankton photoadaptation during the spring period in Lake Z邦rich
Ferdinand Schanz and Judith Burri
Nutrient-related selection mechanisms in marine phytoplankton communities and the impact of eutrophication on the planktonic food web
R. Riegman
Competitive growth of blue-greens and diatoms (fragilaria) in the saidenbach reservoir, saxony
H. Horn and D. Uhlmann
Influence of benthic diatoms on the nutrient release from sediments of shallow lakes recovering from eutrophication
F. Van Luijn, D. T. Van der Molen, W. J. Luttmer and P. C. M. Boers
Competition between nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria during phosphorus-limited growth
W. T. (Pim) De Nobel, N. Staats and L. R. Mur
Cyanobacteria-phytoplankton dynamics of a hypertrophic african lake
Tamar Zohary, Aracangela M. Pais-Madeira, Richard D. Robarts and K. David Hambright
The microwaterscape - a four-dimensional view of interactions among water chemistry, phytoplankton, periphyton, macrophytes, animals and ourselves
B. Moss
Selective mechanisms controlling algal succession in Aydat lake
Michel Lafforgue, Wojciech Szeligiewicz, Jean Devaux and Michel Poulin
Interaction of detritus with abundance of cyanobacteria and microalgae
Herman J. Gons
Horizontal distribution patterns during a cyanobacterial bloom
K. Pettersson, L. Forsell and A. T. Hasselrot
Competition for nutrients and light among phytoplankton species in a mixed water column: theoretical studies
J. Huisman and F. J. Weissing
Cyanobacterial toxins: occurrence, properties and biological significance
G. A. Codd
Effects of Daphnia on the response of mesotrophic lakes to experimental enrichment
K. L. Cottingham and S. E. Knight
Microcystin-content, hepatotoxicity and cytotoxicity of cyanobacteria in some german water bodies
Jutta Fastner, Rita Heinze and Ingrid Chorus
Size distributions of microcystis aeruginosa colonies: a flow cytometric approach
G. B. J. Dubelaar and C. S. van der Reijden
Flow cytometry: a powerful tool in analysis of biomass distributions in phytoplankton
R. R. Jonker, J. T. Meulemans, G. B. J. Dubelaar, M. F. Wilkins and J. Ringelberg
Functional and structural changes in the pelagic system induced by bivalve grazing in marine mesocosms
T. C. Prins, V. Escaravage, A. C. Smaal and J. C. H. Peeters
Long-term changes in fish pond management as 'an unplanned ecosystem experiment': importance of zooplankton structure, nutrients and light for species composition of cyanobacterial blooms
L. Pechar
Transition of a lake to turbid state six years after biomanipulation: mechanisms and pathways
E. van Donk and R. D. Gulati
Impact of fishstock manipulation on the composition of net phytoplankton in the r赤mov reservoir (Czech Republic)
J. Kom芍rkov芍, V. Vyhn芍lek and J. Kubecka
Do macrophytes act as refuges for grazing cladocera against fish predation?
J. H. Stansfield, M. R. Perrow, L. D. Tench, A. J. D. Jowitt and A. A. L. Taylor

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-29 05:31:08

Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 5-6
Quo vadis - sustainability?
J. M. Tyson
Water quality objectives: a tool to ensure environmental protection and wise expenditure
P. J. Matthews
Murray-Darling Basin Commission: a case study in integrated catchment management
D. J. Blackmore
Integrated catchment management: is it wishful thinking or can it succeed?
F. C. van Zyl
Who should get the water? Decision support for water resource management
R. A. Chapman, P. T. Manders, R. J. Scholes and J. M. Bosch
Water resources assessment as the basic tool for sustainable and environmentally sound river basin management
R. M. Miloradov, P. Marjanovic and Z. Cukic
Strategic approaches to the development and implementation of water quality management plans
S. A. P. Brown and A. M. van Niekerk
What's a river worth, anyway? A resource valuation survey of the Ohio river
A. H. Vicory and A. K. Stevenson
Economic analysis of water resource development proposals in the Sabie River Basin
B. Hollingworth and D. Mullins
Integrated research into estuarine management
J. H. Slinger and C. M. Breen
River Basin management and estuarine needs: the Great Brak case study
P. Huizinga
Towards managing catchment water utilisation for the Lake St Lucia ecosystem
D. R. Weston, G. Quibell and W. V. Pitman
Designing a research programme to promote river basin management
C. M. Breen, H. Biggs, M. C. Dent, A. Görgens, J. O'Keeffe and K. H. Rogers
Valuing environmental benefits from river quality improvements
J. M. Tyson and V. Foster
The study of the environmental impact assessment process for water resources development in Taiwan
P. Chang S. and G. Wen C.
Harmonisation of micropollutant monitoring in large international river: Danube
P. Literathy and F. Laszlo
A framework for integrated river basin management
J. Burton
Participatory catchment management - an opportunity for Southern Africa
D. B. Versfeld
Integrated water quality management: getting people involved in the Jukskei River
M. van Veelen and F. C. van Zyl
Broadening participation in integrated catchment management for sustainable water resources development
H. Maaren and M. Dent
A citizen's approach to integrated river basin management
T. C. Williams and P. E. Dee
Role of non-point sources in the development of a water quality management plan for the Mgeni River catchment
G. C. Pegram and A. J. Bath
Management of microbial water quality: new perspectives for developing areas
M. C. Steynberg, S. N. Venter, C. M. E. de Wet, G. du Plessis, D. Holhs, N. Rodda and R. Kfir
Sustainable management of the Ohio River (USA) by an interjurisdictionally represented commission
Alan H. Vicory and Peter A. Tennant
Water quality management in the Crocodile River catchment, Eastern Transvaal, South Africa
P. J. Ashton, F. C. van Zyl and R. G. Heath
Water pollution control measures and water quality development in the Ruhr catchment 1972-1992
K. R. Imhoff
The development of a water quality management plan for the Mgeni River catchment
J. R. Howard, M. E. Ligthelm and A. Tanner
Managing rivers for conservation and ecotourism in the Kruger National Park
F. J. Venter and A. R. Deacon
Management of the Occoquan River basin: a 20-year case history
C. W. Randall and T. J. Grizzard
Towards a Water Management Strategy for an environmentally sensitive and popular tourist region
J. F. Kapp, A. P. M. Fijen and F. van Zyl
Assessment of the success of the Peel-Harvey estuary system management strategy - a Western Australian attempt at integrated Catchment Management
Robert Humphries and Sally Robinson
Integrated cadastre (Inventory System) for pollution sources in the Danube basin in Yugoslavia
P. Marjanovic, M. Miloradov, Z. Cukic, S. Bogdanovic and D. Sakulski
Nutrient management at the catchment scale using a decision support system
W. J. Young, T. F. Farley and J. R. Davis
The role of aquatic organisms in the management of river basins for sustainable utilisation
F. M. Chutter
The development of South African water quality guidelines for the natural aquatic environment
H. M. MacKay, D. J. Roux, P. J. Ashton, H. R. van Vliet and S. Jooste

luys7174 楷桶衾 2007-10-29 05:31:39

Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 7
The impact of runoff and sediment transport from the Provadiyska and Devnenska rivers on the Beloslav lake
Grigor Mihailov, Kristio Daskalov and Nikolay Lissev
The pollution of the Black Sea from livestock and steps towards its limitation
Svetla M. Marinova
Refuse pollution of seas and oceans
W. F. Clunie and D. W. Hendricks
An assessment of water quality in a coastal embayment (Phaleron Bay, Greece)
A. J. Theodorou
The ecological situation in the Russian part of the Black Sea-isotopic-geochemical monitoring in a shore-sea system
Michael V. Kochetkov, Namik M. Zairy, Michael P. Polkanov and Vladimir A. Vilenkin
Determination of the pollutant far-fields dilution using variable turbulent diffusion coefficients
T. V. Gardanov
Tsunami vulnerability modelling for the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
Boyko Ranguelov and Dragomir Gospodinov
A comparison of models for coastal circulation
Anastasios I. Stamou, George C. Christodoulou, Lisa A. Bensasson and Iason E. Lazaridis
The Black Sea factor influencing the wastewater disposal strategy for Istanbul
I. Ethem Gönenç, Oguz M邦ft邦oglu, Bilsen Beler Baykal, Ertugrul Dogan, H邦seyin Y邦ce and Melike G邦rel
Analysis of Northern adriatic sea surges
D. Manzi and L. Mazzucchelli
Sea outfalls for the disposal and treatment of wastewater effluents
Raymond F. Caine
Wind-induced circulations of the black sea
Nilg邦n Kiran, Orhan Yenig邦n, Erdem Albek and Osman Börekçi
On the kinetics of nitrification-denitrification biological excess phosphorus removal processes
R. Arsov, I. Ribarova, Y. Topalova and G. Mihailov
Microbiological features of nitrification-denitrification biological excess phosphorus removal systems in the presence of oNP as an inhibitor
Y. Topalova, I. Ribarova, R. Dimkov and R. Arsov
Upgrading of a small wastewater treatment plant: design and operation aspects
G. J. Hatziconstantinou, C. M. Kalergis and A. P. Grivas
Organic compounds at different stages of a refinery wastewater treatment plant
Holger Gulyas and Margrit Reich
Treatment of industrial wastewaters with ozone/hydrogen peroxide
H. Gulyas, R. von Bismarck and L. Hemmerling
The nitrogen removal potential of predenitrification systems in sensitive coastal areas
E. Görg邦n, N. Artan, D. Orhon and R. Tasli
Wastewater treatment in a company with advanced demands for water quality
D. Heinrich
Enhancement of biomass concentration in activated sludge systems
R. Pla and I. Sekoulov
An evaluation of the efficiency and impact of raw wastewater disinfection with peracetic acid prior to ocean discharge
Concepci車n S芍nchez-Ruiz, Silvia Mart赤nez-Royano and Iñaki Tejero-Monz車n
The disinfection of municipal wastewater by ultraviolet light: a French case study
J. Y. Perrot and J. Baron
A legislative initiative for the protection of Black Sea water from industrial indirect discharges
Atanas Paskalev and Galina Dimova
Quality characteristics of surface and sea waters in Greece in relation to European union legislation
A. D. Andreadakis and A. Katsara
Evaluation of the impact from the Black Sea on the pollution of the Marmara Sea
Derin Orhon
Multipurpose filters with ion-exchanger for the equalization of ammonia peaks
Martin Oldenburg and Ivan Sekoulov
TSS/BOD removal efficiency and cost comparison of chemical and biological wastewater treatment
Valentin Nenov
Contaminant migration from sanitary landfill leachate through soil monoliths
Magdelinka Radenkova-Yaneva, Emilia Kostakeva and Dimiter Toshev
Lakes and reservoirs: reflecting waters of sustainable use
S. Matsui, S. Ide and M. Ando

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 8
Molecular methods to study the organization of microbial communities
Gerard Muyzer and Niels B. Ramsing
Relation between the structure of an aerobic biofilm and transport phenomena
Dirk de Beer and Paul Stoodley
Flow induced vibrations, drag force, and pressure drop in conduits covered with biofilm
Z. Lewandowski and P. Stoodley
Sorption sites in biofilms
Hans-Curt Flemming
Biofilm structures
M. C. M. van Loosdrecht, D. Eikelboom, A. Gjaltema, A. Mulder, L. Tijhuis and J. J. Heijnen
Effect of clay particles on the behaviour of biofilms formed by Pseudomonas fluorescens
M. J. Vieira and L. F. Melo
Solids retention time in heterotrophic and nitrifying biofilms in a biofilm airlift suspension reactor
W. A. J. van Benthum, M. C. M. van Loosdrecht, L. Tijhuis and J. J. Heijnen
Kinetic aspects of biofilm formation on surfaces exposed to drinking water
D. van der Kooij, H. S. Vrouwenvelder and H. R. Veenendaal
Dynamic changes in spatial microbial distribution in mixed-population biofilms: experimental results and model simulation
Satoshi Okabe, Kikuko Hirata and Yoshimasa Watanabe
Influence of substrate C/N ratio on the structure of multi-species biofilms consisting of nitrifiers and heterotrophs
Akiyoshi Ohashi, D. G. Viraj de Silva, Bruce Mobarry, Jacques A. Manem, David A. Stahl and Bruce E. Rittmann
Aggregation of sulphate-reducing bacteria and homo-acetogenic bacteria in a lab-scale gas-lift reactor
R. T. van Houten, A. C. van Aelst and G. Lettinga
A method for describing biofilm surface roughness using geostatistical techniques
J. T. Gibbs and P. L. Bishop
Fractal structure of biofilms: new tools for investigation of morphology
S. W. Hermanowicz, U. Schindler and P. Wilderer
Evaluation of a coupled mass transport-biofilm process model using dissolved oxygen microsensors
A. B. Cunningham, E. Visser, Z. Lewandowski and M. Abrahamson
Evaluating and modelling the kinetics in a full scale submerged denitrification filter
K. F. Janning, P. Harremoës and M. Nielsen
Growth of an aerobic and an anoxic toluene-degrading biofilm - a comparative study
Jean-Pierre Arcangeli and Erik Arvin
New experimental findings and biofilm modelling concepts
Oskar Wanner
Characterization of biofilms on corroded concrete surfaces in drinking water reservoirs
Stefan Herb, Julia O. Stair, David B. Ringelberg, David C. White and Hans-Curt Flemming
Changes of biofilm properties in response to sorbed substances - an FTIR-ATR study
J邦rgen Schmitt, David Nivens, David C. White and Hans-Curt Flemming
Extraction of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from biofilms using a cation exchange resin
A. Jahn and P. H. Nielsen
Effect of degradation kinetics on the microstructure of anaerobic biogranules
Herbert H. P. Fang
Influence of the microbial content of different precursory nuclei on the anaerobic granulation dynamics
R. El-Mamouni, R. Leduc, J. W. Costerton and S. R. Guiot
Effect of pH on metals precipitation in denitrifying biofilms
S. K. Liehr
Nitrification in a tertiary trickling filter at high hydraulic loads - pilot plant operation and mathematical modelling
T. Wik, A. Mattsson, E. Hansson and C. Niklasson
Relative importance of mean velocity and bed shear on biofilm accumulation in open-channel flows
Y. L. Lau
Mass transfer coefficients for an autotrophic and a heterotrophic biofilm system
H. Horn and D. C. Hempel
Degradation of chlorophenols by biofilms on semi-permeable membranes in two types of fixed bed reactors
A. Wobus, S. Ulrich and I. Röske
The effect of changing inter process and final disinfection reagents on corrosion and biofilm growth in distribution pipes
B. Holden, M. Greetham, B. T. Croll and J. Scutt
Use of enzyme somase® in the measurement of biofilm using bioluminescence
M. Greetham, B. Holden and J. Scutt
Study of nitrifying biofilms in submerged biofilters by experimental design methods
F. Fdz-Polanco, E. M谷ndez and S. Villaverde
An experimental study on aerobic denitrification with polyvinyl alcohol as a carbon source in biofilms
D.-Y. Bang, Y. Watanabe and T. Noike
Studies on the dynamics of immobilization of anaerobic bacteria on a plastic support
M. Meraz, O. Monroy, A. Noyola and K. Ilangovan
The direct measurement of bacterial growth in biofilms of emergent plants (Schoenoplectus) of an artificial wetland
Peter C. Pollard, Janine A. Flood and Nicholas J. Ashbolt
Laboratory biofilm reactors and on-line monitoring: report of the discussion session
Aukje Gjaltema and Thomas Griebe
Modelling heterogeneity in biofilms: report of the discussion session
Paul L. Bishop and Bruce E. Rittmann
Unwanted biofilms: report from the discussion session
Hans-Curt Flemming and Luis Melo
Multispecies biofilms: report from the discussion session
Dirk de Beer and Gerard Muyzer
Hydrodynamics and shear stress: report from the discussion session
Peter A. Wilderer, Alan Cunningham and Ulrich Schindler
Solids: report of the discussion session
P. H. Nielsen and P. Harremo豕s

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Water Science and Technology
Volume 32 Number 9-10
Pollution of the Meditterranean Sea
G. P. Gabrielides
Public health significance of coastal and sea pollution
E. Giroult
Development of regional coastal water quality standards in the Mediterranean
L. J. Saliba
Arcobleu, an integrated surveillance system for chronic and accidental pollution
D. Sauzade, Y. H谷nocque and A. H. Carof
The Israeli experience of using marine and coastal pollution monitoring as a basis for environmental management
Y. Cohen
Health effects of mercury ingested through consumption of seafood
L. Valentino, M. V. Torregrossa and L. J. Saliba
Cadmium and lead uptake from food by the fish Dicentrarchus Labrax
N. Odak and Tomislav Zvonaric
Environmental conditions of the water column in Haifa Bay, Israel, during September-October 1993
N. Kress, B. Herut and D. Angel
Sea sediments contaminated with heavy metals: metal speciation and removal
C. Savvides, A. Papadopoulos, K. J. Haralambous and M. Loizidou
Two-stage chemical-biological treatment at Thessaloniki greater area WWTP - experiences and potentials
A. D. Andreadakis, G. H. Kristensen, A. Papadopoulos and C. Oikonomopoulos
The impact of urban effluents on the coastal marine environment of Mediterranean islands
Michael O. Angelidis
Treatment of septage using single and two stage activated sludge batch reactors systems
A. D. Andreadakis, G. Kondili, D. Mamais and A. Noussi
The cyclic activated sludge system for resort area wastewater treatment
Mervyn C. Goronszy, Nigel Slater and Dennis Konicki
Effluent re-use in a tourist resort - larnaca sewage treatment and irrigation project - cyprus
G. A. Mill and J. A. Theophilou
Performance of a two stage plastic media trickling filter in Greece
A. Guitonas and G. Alexiou
Effects of an anaerobic zone in a textile wastewater treatment plant
G. Bortone, J. S. Cech, R. Bianchi and A. Tilche
Implementation of an environmental monitoring network and a pollution combating unit in Côte d'Ivoire
G. Morel and P. Koffi Koffi
Environmental impact associated with the dumping of dredged material at sea. A study for the limassol port extension works
A. D. Toumazis
Integrated waste disposal strategy for the Orkney Islands - a case study
B. Chambers, R. E. Chapman and R. T. Cross
Pollutant dispersion in the nearshore region: modelling and measurements
A. Rodriguez, A. S芍nchez-Arcilla, J. M. Redondo, E. Bahia and J. P. Sierra
Application of a three dimensional model for the prediction of pollutant dispersion in Cyprus coastal waters
I. P. Glekas
A simulation model for the description of a eutrophic system with emphasis on the microbial processes
G. E. Tsirtsis
Modeling of pollution from the wastewater discharge of the city of Limassol
G. C. Christodoulou, I. Ioakeim and K. Ioannou
The reactivity and fate of a phenoxyacetic herbicide: 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy acetic acid (MCPA) in the environment
G. Bernardini, E. Bolzacchini, M. Orlandi, C. Presutti and B. Rindone
Toxic metals removal from dilute solutions by biosorptive flotation
A. I. Zouboulis, P. Solari, K. A. Matis and G. A. Stalidis
Chemical pollution from urban and industrial sewages in Augusta Bay (Sicily)
G. Magazz迄, G. Romeo, F. Azzaro, F. Decembrini, F. Oliva and A. Piperno
Distribution of chemical polluting factors in south Italian seas along Calabria coastal waters (low tyrrhenian sea, high ionian sea and straits of Messina)
F. Decembrini, F. Azzaro and E. Crisafi
Trace metals in sediments at the lower reaches of Mediterranean coastal rivers, Israel
B. Herut, H. Hornung, N. Kress, M. D. Krom and M. Shirav
Pollution control in the catchment basin of the river Evrotas, Greece
P.G. Markantonatos, N. C. Bacalis and M. O. Angelidis
Waterborne disease incidences in the Mediterranean region as a function of microbial pollution and T90
G. Kocasoy
Water resources management in Greece: current status and prospective outlook
A. Angelakis and E. Diamadopoulos
Long term investment planning for coastal pollution control infrastructure
N. Ostojic-Skomrlj and J. Margeta
The role of standardization in the protection of the environment - the Mediterranean Sea
K. Tsimillis and N. Pithara
Fish processing wastewater: production of internal carbon source for enhanced biological nitrogen removal
P. Battistoni and G. Fava
Achieving simultaneous nitrification and denitrification of wastewaters at reduced cost
Mike O'Neill and Nigel J. Horan
Spatial variations of phytoplankton community structure in a highly eutrophicated coast of the Western Mediterranean Sea
E. Soler Torres and J. G. del R赤o
Denitrification kinetics in an activated sludge system
M. Ro
Persistent contaminants in dolphins: an indication of chemical pollution in the Mediterranean Sea
N. Cardellicchio
Multivariate micropollutants analysis in marine waters
V. Librando, G. Magazz迄 and A. Puglisi
Competitive sorption of phosphate and marine humic substances on suspended particulate matter
M. Katelan-Macan and M. Petrovic
Recent technical and scientific initiatives for the management of the adriatic sea problems
G. Chiaudani and G. Premazzi
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